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Getting to know us, an incredible opportunity Driven by motivated industry professionals to give you the best opportunity on the market The Wela plan is very low risk with extremely high rewards. It is open to everyone no matter what age, financial status, education, or experience, and it promotes solid ethical values that people are hungry for, today more than ever. It provides access to international markets, significant tax advantages , and a proven path for developing residual income . Wela has re-engineered the home-based business model by accentuating the best of what this industry has to offer and eliminating the downsides. We?ve created a ?franchised-like? system with an innovative revenue sharing plan that is well balanced for the beginner and part-timer as well as those with experience. Wela?s plan promotes teamwork and creates synergy within the organization which maximizes the potential for our members to prosper. Instead of spending money on overhead like a large, elegant office building and high paid corporate teams, Wela rewards our members, called Revenue Sharing Partners, with a generous Compensation Plan that pays 65% for helping us grow the company. The plan is designed for our members to profit quickly while building long-term financial security. Each week about 175,000 new people in America, and over 300,000 around the world are joining a home-based business. Yet with less than 1% of the world?s population involved so far, it has only tapped a tiny fraction of its growth potential. The genius of Wela?s model is that it makes residual income a very real possibility for absolutely anyone regardless of age, background, education, or skills. It?s the purest form of equality through free enterprise, and the timing is perfect for you to stake your claim in this entrepreneurial explosion by becoming a Wela Revenue Sharin

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