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BizSTRAT is an online-onsite simulation that offers a dynamic business environment where students are exposed to real time challenges of business and experiential learning happens in a semi-structured classroom with lectures, role-plays, brainstorming and situation analysis, guided by experts. Knowledge from principles of Business & Marketing, Finance, Operations are put it into practice and decisions evaluated real-time. Thus, creating an opportunity to adapt to the climate of the organizations they join and become more effective in their roles & functions.

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Business Simulation
Apr 9 2015 23:02

Organizations often struggle with effectively educating their managers and employees about the main drivers of the business and how their work contributes to the overall growth of the company. Debrin helps you train your employees to make those vital connections between financial key indicators and the organization's bottom line performance. Read on to find out what other benefits can your company get from using DebriN business simulations in its training programs!