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Affiliate Ownage Review
Oct 1 2011 06:01
Dylan Loh, a long time Internet marketing mastermind releases Affiliate Ownage today at noon and below you will find my Affiliate Ownage review and a screenshot of everything you get in the members area. Brief Recommendation: Affiliate Ownage offers numerous videos focused towards beginner marketers as well as software and already created blogs.  The videos are of decent quality, but it does lack in-depth details of accomplishing tasks.

What is Affiliate Ownage?

First off, this is not another one of those products that sells the sizzle but holds back the juicy steak.  In fact, with Affiliate Ownage, you get MANY videos (as shown in the image below) as well as unique software to find some very cool keywords that Google keeps from you when you use the online Google keyword tool. Also included are 15 articles on 15 different niches, 9 pre-created blogs for you to upload and many short videos on getting started.

Inside the members area, you get to download the software as well as view all the videos.  Here’s a screenshot of everything inside the members area..

Although the Affiliate Ownage software is very nice regardless of what level your at as a Internet or Affiliate marketer, the videos themselves focus more towards beginners. 

To get more information or buy, visit the official website at: