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Passive Paydays Review
Oct 1 2011 05:59
Previously, Matt Benwell was releasing a new product called Covert Cash Supremacy, but has now changed it to Passive Paydays which is currently scheduled to be available on September 8th.

I am actually quite glad he changed the name to Passive Paydays, it doesnít sound near as generic and we are all looking for ways to create passive paydays..

What is Passive Paydays?

To start with, I donít like the video on the sales page which you can find here.  It sounds just like all the other marketing courses.. first they bash the other marketers for the way they promote their products with lies and hype, then they do the same thing.

But what you have to take into consideration the people who are behind Passive Paydays in which has a wide range of experience with Internet marketing and also coaching programs, so this is not a first time thing for these guys.. they have actually coached over 25,000 people!

So regardless of the video, Passive Paydays is a solid product meant primarily for beginner marketers.  Itís a complete system that even includes your web hosting so you donít have to mess with getting it set up on your own, but itís all integrated into this one online marketing system designed to show you how to make money online through your own website.