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Georgetown, United States
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Keep your community vital. You may not know how much you depend on your local economy but, if you ever lose it you'll know what it means. Don't let that happen.

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Jun 2 2011 11:13

SERENITY2020 is a simple program where you make money while helping your community. You are asked to talk with 5 or 6 locally owned businesses to help advertise their business. You can charge them for your advertising or (as I do) run their ads for free if they will offer your business opportunity to their customers. What I sell is GDI websites. Many local businesses join my program just to be able to have a website. Some join in order to have better customer relations. Yet, other businesses join so they can provide an income for their customers. Even if the business doesn't join they usually will still let you run their ads and they often hand out this opportunity to their customers for you. How's that for leveraging your work.

The bad news is the cost of this program. $10/month. I looked for a free program but none of them would provide a good income. GDI websites not only offer great income for their customers but they have easy to use site generation. Combined with the FREE & POWERFUL system you may get $50 placed into your account at the end of the first month. YES, $50 in your account. $10/month $50 in your account. So the first five months cost you how much? If you can't make $10/month in your first 5 months you need to stop wasting your time and get out of the business. It's really that easy.

Give SERENITY2020 a try, give it five months and see what you can do for your community.