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Sep 1 2017 15:09

Know-how for sale!

Our method offers an excellent solution to handle the engine oil contaminated waste bottles.

In all of the industrialised countries occurs thousands of tonnes such kind of waste, which landes in the incineration companies, and after burning couses a lot of dangerous gases and greenhouse effect. For example in Hungary approx. 2000 to/year is the quantity.

Instead of this bad solution we developed recycling system.

The method is very profitable, plus the machinery is capable to recycle other plastic materials as well.

The steps of recycling:
  • Collecting: it is written in the environmental rules, that the  collecting of these bottles is compulsory, because it is so called dangerous waste
  • Sorting: on a conveyor belt, eliminating the metal, glas and other solid waste materials
  • Grinding: on conventional plastic grinders
  • Mixing: with the necessary ingredient(s) in conventional plastic mixers
  • Regranulation: in special plastic granulator extruders
There is no need to wash out the oil contamination from the waste, so you can save the cost of it  and the cost of waste water treatment.

The engine-oil bottles are made of HDPE with very good mechanical strength, so the recycled material has an excellent quality as well.

We can send a small amount of  sample of our  recycled granules so you can check the quality of it.

A special advantage is that the machinery which is necessary in the recycling plant ( conveyor belt, grinder, mixer, granulator, extruder) are  convertible to the other types of plastic recycling or plastic processing so you can use the overcapacity to produce other plastic materials.

The total recycling  cost is 0.4 Euro/kg, so you can get a very good quality granuled HDPE material at such a low price!!! Please compare it to the up to date HDPE prices!

This know-how is based on our patented method.
The know-how is for sale, the price of it is: 200,000 Euro

If you or your business contacts may be interested, pls kindly contact the company on the following coordinates: