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Screw Fertilizer Conveyor
Oct 24 2013 21:11
Screw fertilizer conveyor is to deliver fertilizer particles by screw shaft rotation. It can convey materials either horizontally or in less than 20 dip in one direction. The materials it conveys are powder, particles and small pieces which are less viscous, less to going bad or blocking. It is widely welcomed in industry like building,electricity,metallurgy,coal,grains,etc.

Screw conveyor consists of engine,screw parts,machine trough,cradle,feeder,discharging hole and conveying parts,etc. It adopts steel conveying drum,good durability and sealing. The conveying parts is matched with linear cycloidal pin gear speed reducer which has high output power and low noise .Installed type is flexible:horizontal and oblique are workable.

?Adjustable fertilizer amount through matches valves or frequency converter.
?Simple structure,small section dimension,good sealing performance.
?Stable conveying,safe operation and easy to install and maintain.
?Rational design to reduce screw parts wearing,low noise.