Belt Fertilizer Conveyor
Feb 16 2014 20:58
Belt Fertilizer Conveyor Belt conveyor is the necessity to fertilizer production lines and plants,especially to connect production machines. Belt fertilizer conveyor is to convey powder,particles or small lumps materials whose bulk density is less than 1.67 T/M3, at the same time, the temperature of conveying materials should be below 60?. The assembling form is totally based on customersí requirements. Both electric drum and driver rack are available.Belt Fertilizer Conveyor Features--Flexible conveying distances. Either long or short conveying distance. --Rational assembles,simple structure,easy operation and low energy consumption. --It can be designed into three types which are the flat type,V type and trough type. --The whole conveyor is mainly composed of machine head,machine rack,carrier roller and conveyor,etc.--Multifunction for conveying powder,particles and small pieces of materials like coal,sand,cement,fertilizer and grains.Vertical Lathe for Fertilizer Equipment IntroductionVertical lathe applied to fertilizer equipment production is of advanced design and solid structure. It is used for both coarse and fine processing of cylindrical surface,circular conical surface,head surface,grooving,etc.PC controling program is imported from Japan and thus has good reliability. The horizontal line of lathe, the cage of press button and the workbench flow control are all Germeny products, thus ensures our fertilizer equipment top quality.Fertilizer Equipment Vertical Lathe Wide ApplicationVertical lathe has been popular in forging large equipment in heavy industry production like fertilizer,cement,mining,drilling,industrial furnace,etc. During fertilizer production,we need solid and robust rotary drum fertilizer granulating machine,fertilizer drying and cooling machine,etc. Our vertical lathe is second to none in producing excellent fertilizer equipment.

Bucket Fertilizer Elevator
Feb 14 2014 20:41
Bucket Fertilizer Elevator Brief IntroductionBucket elevator is to convey powder,granules and small lump materials whose piling density is less 1.5T/M3 and temperature is below 250?. The conveying hopper volume is large enough to satisfy the general fertilizer production lines. It adopts chains structure and can conveys stably.Bucket Fertilizer Elevator Rational StructureThe trailer part of bucket elevator is round chain which is made from superior quality alloy steel. The middle elevator rack can be made into single and double channels. Chain wheel is changable chains and has long working life. The bottom part is equipped with gravity automatic takeup device to offer constant tension. At the same time, when feeder gets stuck accidiently, the device can protect elevating shaft and other components. Bucket Fertilizer Elevator Features1.Elevator rack is made of superlative steel,durable.2.The fertilizer granules temperature should below 250?.3.The middle machine rack has single and double channels.4.Stable elevating process,low noise,simple to maintain.5.Large conveying capacity, 30% higher than the common elevator.6.The chain is welded from alloy steel and disposed by carburization and quenching, good extension and wear-resisting ability.

Screw Fertilizer Conveyor
Feb 14 2014 00:39
About Screw Fertilizer ConveyorScrew fertilizer conveyor is to deliver fertilizer particles by screw shaft rotation. It can convey materials either horizontally or in less than 20 dip in one direction. The materialss it conveys are powder, particles and small pieces which are less viscous, less to going bad or blocking. It is widely welcomed in industies like building,electricity,metallurgy,coal,grains,etc.Screw Fertilizer Conveyor StructureScrew conveyor consists of engine,screw parts,machine trough,cradle,feeder,discharging hole and conveying parts,etc. It adopts steel conveying drum,good durability and sealing. The conveying parts is matched with linear cycloidal pin gear speed reducer which has high output power and low noice.Installed type is flexible:horizontal and oblique are workable.Screw Fertilizer Conveyor Features?Adjustable fertilizer amount through matches valves or frequency converter.?Simple structure,small section dimension,good sealing performance.?Stable conveying,safe operation and easy to install and maintain.?Rational design to reduce screw parts wearing,low noice.

Direct Discharge Type Fertilizer Weighing Packaging Machine
Feb 14 2014 00:10
About Direct Discharge Type Fertilizer Weighing Packaging MachineOur direct discharge type fertilizer weighing packaging machine production adopts advanced design concept.It is with compact structure and high weighing accuracy, widely used for large doses of continuous quantitive packaging for many kinds of granules like fertilizer, feedstuff, seeds, rice, sugar, etc. Currently itís ideal equipment popular in large scale fertilizer processing factories.Direct Discharge Type Fertilizer Packaging Machine Advantages* Adopts special direct feeding method, the material feeding device will directly feed the materials into the bags through the transitional silo.* The components of the whole machine which contact with the materials are made of stainless steel, satisfying standards of food hygiene and safety.* Compact structure design with less space occupation.* Simple operation, only two people are needed to complete the whole packaging process.* The weighing system utilizes PLC touch screen controlling and is designed according to the dustproof, waterproof and anti-corrosion requirements.* Options: multiple devices can be free to choose according to your requirements, like conveyor, bag sewing machine, air pump.* Especially suitable for large doses of high speed and quantitive packaging for particle materials.* Reliable performance, high efficiency and weighing accuracy, low energy consumption.Directly Discharged Type Fertilizer Weighing Packaging Machine Application--Suitable for large amount of continuous quantitive packaging for particle materials such as various fertilizers, seeds, rice, feedstuff, etc. --Suitable for high accuracy packaging of fertilizer processing factories, sugar-making plants, chemical industry as well as feedstuff industry.

Double Hopper Fertilizer Packaging Machine
Feb 12 2014 21:42
Double Hopper Fertilizer Packaging Machine IntroductionDouble-hopper fertilizer weighing and packaging machine is mainly used for quantitative packaging of various fertilizer particles with high speed, such as compound fertilizer, BB fertilizer, organic fertilizer, urea and so on. It is also appliable for many other granules materials packaging, including chemical materials, feedstuff, seeds, rice, etc. Fertilizer weighing and packing machine is mainly composed of automatic weighing machine, conveyor, bag sewing machine and automatic controlling box, rational design and structure.Double Hopper Fertilizer Weighing Packaging Machine Features* Adopts multilevel feeding mechanism which results in wide weighing range and ensures the speed and accuracy under the maximum or minimum weighing value.* The components which contacted with fertilizer materials are all made from stainless steel and meet national standards on fertilizer equipment,durable.* The weighing system utilizes PLC touching screen controlling and is designed according to the dustproof, waterproof and anti-corrosion requirements.* Advanced design concept,compact structure,easy operation,little room occupancy.* Reliable performance, high efficiency,accuracy weighing, low energy consumption.* Freely choose multiple matched devices like conveyor, bag sewing machine,air pump.* Both individually and work in combination with other fertilizer equipment are available.Double Hopper Fertilizer Weighing Packaging Machine ApplicationDouble hopper fertilizer weighing and packing machine is widely used for packaging fertilizer granules, and also for other crystal, particle, loose and flaky materials. It has with good flow-ability in fertilizer, chemicals, feedstuff, chemical raw materials, seeds, rice, sugar making and other industry.

Fertilizer Rotary Drum Coating Machine
Feb 12 2014 01:10
Rotary Fertilizer Coating Machine DescriptionRotary drum coating machine is an important fertilizer equipment used to cover a layer on the surface of the fertilizer granules as a protection film. It can effectively prevent the agglomeration of fertilizer granules. This rotary coating machine adopts special liquid material spraying technology or combing with solid powder coating technology, which leads to good coating effect and can enhance fertilizer efficiency.coated fertilizer granulesRotary Drum Fertilizer Machine Main StructureA complete rotary drum coating machine consists of the following main parts: mainframe, screw conveyor, mixing tank and oil pump.Rotary Drum Coating Machine Remarkable Features* Fertilizer coating machine main body adopts polypropylene lining or acid resistant stainless steel material which is anti-corrosion and with good durability.fertiliser granule* Using special liquid material spraying technology or combing with solid powder coating technology.* Good coating effect of final fertilizer products, meanwhile improves the brightness of the fertilizer particles surface.* High efficiency,reliable operation, low malfunction,easy maintenance.* Special internal structure is designed for this fertilizer equipment according to certain technological requirements.* Can work individually or in conjunction with other fertilizer equipment.How to Coat Fertilizers with Our Rotary Drum Coating Machine?When the product particles entered into the internal of the rotating coating machine and kept rolling, firstly with the help of compressed air and the nozzle, atomized the prepared oil mixed coating agent and then coated on the surface of the fertilizers, thus forming a uniform protective film on the surface of fertilizer granules which can effectively preventing the salting-out effect and agglomeration phenomenon occurs.

Fertilizer Rotary Drum Screening Machine
Feb 10 2014 21:56
Introduction of Fertilizer Rotary Drum Screening Machinerotary screening machine is a piece of common equipment used in fertilizer production, it is mainly used for the separation of finished product and returned materials, also can achieve the finished product classification evenly. It adopts combined screen which is easy to maintain and change. This rotary screener is of high screening efficiency, thus becoming a new favorite among the fertilizer producing customers. Application of Fertilizer Rotary Drum Screening MachineRotary drum screening machine is used in many industries such as fertilizer production, steel making, mining, quarrying, foundries, food processing and chemical industry for the separating of bulk materials like compound fertilizers, organic fertilizers, stone aggregates, different kind of sand, active carbon and other materials.Working Principle of Fertilizer Rotary Drum Screening MachineRotary screening machine consists of five parts, including hexagonal drum, rack, funnel, reducers and motor. After the fertilizer granules go into the drum, it is screened by the rotating of the drum, and on the other hand, granules with large size move forward along the drums gradient, screened gradually through different screen.

Fertilizer Rotary Drying Machine
Feb 9 2014 21:26
Fertilizer Rotary Drying Machine DescriptionThe rotary fertilizer drying machine is mainly used for drying compound fertilizers with a certain humidity and particle size. Besides, drying other powder and granular materials is also available. With the unique advantages of high yield and reliable operation,rotary drum drying machine is the ideal equipment for mass compound fertilizers production.Good Drying Effects of Rotary Fertilizer Drying MachineRotary drum fertilizer drying machine has the ideal drying effects for fertilizer particles. After drying, fertilizer particles are of high strength and good for storage.* For compound fertilizer: After drying, the moisture content will be reduced to 2%-5% from 20%-30%.* For bio-organic fertilizer: The moisture content reducing range is from 40%-10%.Rotary Drum Fertilizer Drying Machine Features* Rational distribution and design of the lifting plate ensures high utilization rate of heat energy. * Wide application range, our rotary drum drying machine has a strong adaptability of materials and can be used to dry various materials.* The hot air passes through the rotary drum body with small resistance, thus has low energy consumption. * Continuous and reliable operation, large capacity.* Less fault, convenient maintenance and low repair cost, long service life.* Realizing mechanization and automation operation with good drying effect.Fertilizer Rotary Drying Machine Wide Application *Suitable for drying of compound fertilizers and other powder and granular materials.*Suitable for drying of various materials in large-scale fertilizer processing industry, building materials, metallurgy and chemical industry, light industry, medicine and mining industries.Rotary Drum Fertilizer Drying Machine Working PrincipleRotary drum drying machine adopts slightly tilted drum which can be rotated. The wet materials are sent to hopper of rotary dryer by belt conveyor or bucket elevator from the higher side, and well-dried materials are collected from the other lower side, and hot air enters the drum from the feeding side or discharging side according to user needs.

Ball Shape Organic Fertilizer Granule Machine
Feb 8 2014 02:39
Ball Shape Organic Fertilizer Granule Machine InstructionOrganic fertilizer granules has so rich nutritions to both crops and soil that we spread it mostly as the basic fertilizers at sowing season;while bio-organic fertilizer raw materials are not so easy to deal with during granulating organic fertilizer particles as the sterilization and drying them( raw materials moisture content of 20%-40%) are a bit difficult. Ball shape organic fertilizer granulating machine emerges in response to these problems and make bio-organic fertilizer production like shooting fish in a barrel. It can be also applied to making feed granules(diameter of 3.5-5.5mm) and is truly the NO.1 option for domestic fertilizer Ball Shape Organic Fertilizer Granule Machine Multifunction?Bio-organic fertilizer particles made from turf,lignite,organic sludge and straws,etc.?Organic-inorganic compound fertilizer mainly made from poultry and animal manure,dung;with the size of less than 12mm.?Bean cakes used to make cake fertilizers.?Complete feed granules,compound feed granules made from corn,bean,grass meal,etc.?Biological feed pellets made from straw materials.Ball Shape Organic Fertilizer Particle Machine Merits1.Rational design and structure. Equipped with ball shaping device to make sure the round fertilizer particles perfectly formed.2.No returning materials,high granulating rate to form strong and good color fertilizer granules.3.Versatile.Ideal equipment to make organic fertilizer,organic-inorganic fertilizer,animal feed granules,etc.4.Protecting bacteria at room temperature,smooth granulating path inside the granulating machine. 5.Stainless steel material inside the granulating machine.

Double Roller Fertilizer Granulator
Feb 6 2014 21:31
Double Roller Fertilizer GranulatorDouble roller fertilizer granulator is a newly developed granulating machine in fertilizer industry. It uses squeezing principle to form fertilizer particles with diameters of 3.5-10mm in one time.It has higher granulating ratio of over 85%. Double roller fertilizer granulator is the most popular granulating methods in no-drying (2%-5% moisture content) fertilizer process at room temperature.Less cost and quick granulating,thus it can bring fertilizer investment a good economic returns.Double Roller Fertilizer Granulator Application and Features1.No-drying fertilizer such as 2%-5% moisture content fertilizer granulating process,forming fertilizer particles in one time,little cost.2.Reliable motor adopted, no three wastes released,stable granulating,simple to maintain.3.Rational structure and advanced technology,good economic benefits.4.Wide application to raw materials like compound fertilizer,organic fertilizer,feed,etc. Can be used to process compound fertilizer of various concentrations(including organic fertilizer,inorganic fertilizer,biological fertilizer and magnetic fertilizer) 5.Popular in domestic fertilizer series production such as tombarthite fertilizer,ammonium bicarbonate fertilizer,ammonium persulfate fertilizer,etc.Double Roller Fertilizer Granulator Merits ?Create higher intensity and uniform length fertilizer particles,high granulating ratio.?Granulating process finishes at room temperature,less investment.?Multifunctional.Applicable to various fertilizer particles like organic fertilizer,inorganic fertilzier,compound fertilizer and magnetic fertilizer,etc.squeezing fertilizer granules?Low noise, stable granulating process,tailored fertilizer granulator and service.?Sturdy and reasonable structure,high quality steel materials,good economic benefits.Double Roller Fertilizer Granulator Structure Double roller fertilizer granulator consists of 4 systems:?Rollet machine rack: all working parts are fixed on machine rack. The rack is made of medium carbon steel plate and channel beam which are welded. In the middle of rack quadrangle there is a lifting hole for loading or unloading transportation.?The transmission and connection part: Motor drives belt pullery,triangle belt,reduction gears and makes machine to work.?Granulating part: Through pin coupling,the driving roller rotates. On both sides of the driving shaft and driven shaft are specially designed bearings and bearing bracket.?Crushing and separating part: Fertilizer materials after squeezing downflow to the crushing room. On the double roller there are many short bars rotating along with rollers which separate fertilizer particles from reverting materials.

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