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Large Capacity Windrow Turner Convincing Features
1.Reasonable structure 
--Self-propelled, no tractor necessary-optimal utilization of space available.
--Compact design;robust rubber undercarriage;heavy duty.
--Mature control technology making it very flexible and easy to handle.
--Exceptional mixing and crushing performance.
2.Efficient,cost effective solutions to compost fermentation. 
3.Balanced power,low energy consumption,lower bio-organic fertilizer cost.
4.Affordable,low investment cost for medium or large fertilizer plants.
5.More suitable to manure fermentation fertilizer requirements,evenly mixing manure materials and bacterial preparation.

 Heavy-duty Hydraulic Compost Turner Structure
The heavy-duty compost turner is of innovative design.It is eqipped with crawler track unit, tractor model with an operator cabin,a steel drum with strong paddles which can turn rapidly for work. The paddles rotate to blend,crush and move compost windrow.It is more fit to manure fertilizer fermentation.

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