About our Business

This cycler is a feeder program into TVI. What is TVI?
It is a company with a compensation plan that will rocks your online income. BUT you have to pay the membership for over $250 and you need referrals.

Here is the game plan with TVI-GAT (TVI - Global Assist Team):
Join our cycler with only $37 one-time payment.
Get only two referrals. If you can't recruit, you may purchase them.
Once you cycle around twice, you'll have enough money to join TVI. And you will cycle there as we work as a solid team since your two referrals and their referrals follow you there.
EVERYONE will succeed.


You join TVI prequalified so always go to the top of their matrix split (key to leveraging TVI).
Once people below you in TVI-GAT 2x2 matrix cycles (and they will), they also follow you into TVI forcing you to cycle thru TVI program - qualifying you for their lucrative payouts of $10.0000 over and over.
PLUS, now you have paid your dues to join TVI from the 2x2 cycler for only $37 and you now receive all the comissions for future cycles.
The most important thing is TVI-GAT has eliminated the problem of high-cost advertising for downline building.

Note: This program is only for those who haven't joined TVI Express yet as we are abide with their regulation on cross-recruiting.


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