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Dec 3 2018 06:07
Ladies and Gentlemen these recipes have been put together painstakingly by
myself for you to enjoy. It is a collection from all over India and from some of the
top Indian chefs and restaurants. You may also find that a few of the recipes are
duplicated. The reason for this is that in some areas they prepare the same dish
differently. You donít have to stick to the recipe but change them to make them
hotter or milder. Swap chicken for fish and so on. Add things you like and take
away things you donít like. You can always add meat to any of the vegetarian
dishes. I have also given you a list of terms used in Indian cooking in case the
recipe that you want to use has terms that you have never heard of. Above all
please remember that Indian food is not always curry and is not flaming hot. There
are some very nice mild tasting dishes and not to mention the Indian deserts and
drinks listed in here as well.