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About our Business

We are in the business of selling coins and introducing people who are interested in a home based business that creates residual income. NumisNetwork is a rapidly growing internet business and have a success based business opportunity. There are two ways in which to start your home based business with NumisNetwork: An Executive Success System; and, an Associate Representative Business kit. It all depends on you, what you wish to invest in your home business, and you will receive all the support of the NumisNetwork. You have the option of participating in the coin of the month club, three different business websites; one for those who wish to join, one for those who wish to shop and buy coins, and one for those who wish to find out more about the business. Its a win/win situation and one that we are very happy to be apart of. If you wish to find out more, please visit our info site at:

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If you would like to join please go to our home site at If you would like to check out the many coins and gifts that are available please go to