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Screw Rod
May 12 2014 01:29

Characteristics of product
Made of alloy, high hardness, good wearing resistance, heat processing treatment
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Leading manufacturer of Screw Drill Rod, such as Outburst prevention drill rod, twist drill rod, anchor shank 
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Screw  Rod

Specialisted in producing varies kinds of drilling rods in different size, including Outburst prevention drill rod,twist drill rod, tri-angle drill rod, exploring water drill rod, anchor shank drill rod, outburst-prevention drill rod, extension rod, DTH hammer, integral drill rod, etc.


With ISO certificate and quality control.


Made-to-order products can be supplied according to your detailed requirements. 

1, light weight (lighter than the old-fashioned drill pipe 45%) 

2, footage soon, dust small vertical holes left after drilling cuttings, into a hole clear. 

3, card beans quickly and easily connect and save banding material. 

4, under separation of body and drilling may be the end, the use of life extended. 

5, water-based wet good pass operation.

The material of this product is the 55sinomo hollow hexagon bar iron. The specification: 0.5, 0.8 meter, 1 meter to 6 meter etc., each kind of specification is complete.


For more detailed specifications please feel free to contact with us.


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