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Mixer Nozzle Big
May 11 2014 22:41

Mixer Nozzle Big
Characteristics of product
To mix the liquid and gas evenly and generate both small and big drops, both sector and round spray available

Mixer Nozzle Big Features
1. The international advanced pellets cutting technology, soft knives fitting type and infinitely variable speeds, the materials can be cut into pellets in any length without burr.
2. Special pressurized stamping die ensures the output and quality of feed pellets; electric heating device can improve the puffing rate of feed.
3. Speed-controlling feeding device, feeding evenly to avoid blocking.
4. Discharging die plate is easy to replace, just replace the die plate and you can produce feed pellets with different sizes.
5. With the conditioner, steam and liquid can be added to the material more conveniently and exactly.
6. Specially- designed feeding section ensures no material blocking or reverting.
7. In emergency circumstances, rapid discharging device under the conditioner can prevent material and impurities into the extruding section.


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