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Sawdust Roller
May 11 2014 21:21

The roller dryer we supply is famous for high effect of drying, easy handing, high efficiency and easy to control the dryness. It uses the stability and uniformity of airflow efficiently, so that the rollers and the pipeline can joint together efficiently. Thus, the dryness is strengthened and the intensity of labor is decreased. It is the ideal dryer equipment of humid materials and large-scaled Charcoal Factory.

Technical Parameters:

Model Power Output Weight Dimension
T950 7.5KW+7.5KW 1500KG-2000KG/H 5.5T 18.3X1.3X5m
T620 4KW+3KW 1200KG-1500KG/H 3T 15.6X1.2X3.3m
T400 4KW+3KW 800KG-1000KG/H 2T 15.6X1.2X3.3m

The output mentioned above we offered according to the  moisture content of raw material below 50%. The height of T950 dust remover is 5m. The T620 and T400 are 3.3m.


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