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Australia 553 Ring Mold
May 9 2014 01:10

Australia 553 Ring Mold
Characteristics of product
1. degassing refining of high quality billet, billet and general business use
2. Dunwell mold imported gun drilling and multi-position group drills, bores a shape, finish, production of feed-looking, high output
3. Dunwell mold used vacuum furnace and the United States, the combination of continuous quenching furnace treatment process, to ensure that life twice
4. strong scientific research strength, can help customers design and demand based on the principle of compression ratio and strength, to ensure that the material on the machine one time, and make the material look bright and clean, using microscopic examination to ensure product quality
  Unique Advantages of Australia 553 Ring Mold
1. No need of external force to feed the material. As the grain material like wheat, corns, etc. is heavy enough to enter the pelletizing chamber automatically and smoothly.
2. The advanced conditioner ensures the conditioning time>150 seconds, making the material cooked sufficiently so as to be helpful for the quality of pellets.
3. Double or three layers jacketed conditioners can be installed to meet special needs of aquatic feed.
4. The type of powder with low moisture content can be processed feed, but also can process a higher water content of live feed pellets.


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