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As an SEO Specialist, I believe that being a part of the online industry is a continuous learning process. Because people acquire new skills and knowledge in every each day. My studies include SEO both On-page and Off-page, Web Analytics, Affiliate Marketing, and Internet Product Branding. I have years of experience managing different campaigns.

I have acquired the skills to create SEO strategies to help promote company products or services in a way that captures the visitorís attention and makes them want to learn more about your company. I can do consumer research to find out more about the targeted audience and then to promote your company through various methods such as Paid and Organic campaigns.

Iíve developed my passion and career in Digital Marketing as an SEO link builder until my knowledge was expanded and became an SEO Specialist and improve my skill in SEO and PPC, then after I decided to start doing Freelance to run a full campaign of SEO and Paid Advertising.

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Richard is a professional in doing his SEO job, he is good at it and he really help us out. He works well within a team, able to express his thoughts and communicate instructions to his peers and team members. Left alone, he is a prodigious employee with an amazing attention to detail and superb knack in smoothening out wrinkles in problematic situations. Overall, Richard is a great addition to any team.
 - asiabetguru August 19th, 2020

Richard is a great colleague, very knowledgeable, and passionate about SEO. His skills are truly amazing.
 - luxebet88 July 21st, 2020

Martin is good in terms of SEO Link Building. He also plays a big role in our company.
 - wclubjeff July 21st, 2020

He is known to exhibit the values of a good workmate and very adaptable depending on the situation. Not only that, but he is also very knowledgeable about his job and that makes him dependable on the team.
 - tpivesgarcia July 21st, 2020

Richard is a good SEO-buddy and very knowledgeable professional, especially in Link building. He is eager to learn more not just to earn more glory but to enhance his knowledge for the sake of the company. I would recommend him for future opportunities and this guy is lit in his field of specialty.
 - red18sgfootball July 21st, 2020