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Jan 6 2012 08:06

Berita Satu Media Holdings is a leading news organization in the reporting and production of multi-platform news and analysis about Indonesia. We aim to report the news fairly, accurately, ethically and with the highest standards of professional journalism in the public interest.


The company includes established daily publications Suara Pembaruan, Investor Daily, Jakarta Globe and Straits Times Indonesia; monthly publications Majalah Investor, Globe Asia, The Peak, Campus Asia, Kemang Buzz and Campus Indonesia; digital publication and Berita Satu TV, Indonesia’s first High Definition 24-hour news channel.


Working from a master newsroom, we expand the scope of our reporting by using leading edge technology and sharing our content freely across our group.


Berita Satu is the name the world trusts for news about Indonesia.

Berita Satu Media Holdings is an Indonesian Media Holding Company that operates the Berita Satu TV,, Jakarta Globe, Globe Asia, The Peak, Campus Asia, Investor Daily, Investor Magazine and Suara Pembaruan.

We are a multiplatform media company, focusing in broadcast, print, digital, online, social media, mobile, and events.



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