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About our Business

My name is Reinaldo Lopez and I am a Disabled U.S. Army Veteran married to a wonderful wife and father of three great kids. I currently live in Jersey City, N.J. Most of my life I have been helping others around the world.

After leaving the U.S. Army I went to work in the corporate world where I had great success for a few years but one day I went to work and I was told that they no longer needed my services and found myself with over $140,000 in debt, owing a mortgage on my house, two car loans, had depleted my 401K and still had a family to support.

Discover how I found a unique home income profit system that change everything for my family and me. And It Can For You Too!

We are helping people from all walks of life just like you from over 180 countries and in over 50 languages are using this business model to help build a profitable and international virtual home business for thousands across the globe. Why do I say International Virtual Home Business ?



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