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Weld detector
Sep 20 2013 05:42
Working voltage?
AC220V or DC24V
Detection distance: ?3m
Detection area:
Plate movement speed:
Detection of hole diameter?
Action condition: single-hole by light
Signal selection:
Relay or Steel PNP high level signal
Indicator light: Plug in, Green On; Signaled,Red on;
Response time: Relay ?20ms; level signal?2ms
Intro:Weld detector consists of transmitter and receiver
two parts, sheet metal from the transmitters and receivers,
passing through the middle transmitters emit a beam of
banded by the modulation infrared, near weld holes not by
then, the beams are steel plate cover, can't reach the
receiver, the weld seam when they arrive, the light through the
holes near weld received by receiver, and through the
subsequent processing circuit, a switch quantity output signal