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Loop scanner
Sep 20 2013 05:12
Working voltage?
AC220V or DC24V
Wire rod and bar temperature
Spectral response range:
Detect distance?
Signal selection:
Analog voltage is 0 ~ 10 v or Analog 4 ~ 20 ma current or PNP open,NPN open;
ViewingAngle: 10 30 50
Response time: Analog 2.5ms; level signal?2.5ms
Type of cooling:Water cooling
With many years of manufacture history, KDD Loop Scanner is wildly used in product line of hot rolling, rods and bars,
and wire stock in most large-size domestic steelworks, detecting looping position in automatic production lines of
metallurgical industry. For using under all kinds of conditions, it has various output forms and visual display of analog
voltage. It can be used as hot-metal detector while adopting switching value output.