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I am a Leader, both online and off. I have owned and run Restaurants since I was 18. I have been online for 14 years now.

I lead by example, speak frankly,  and offer advice to those I see that may be helped by it. In my years online, I have managed to build a decent following (1200 folks), without building my own program, simply by leading people to what they need for their business and offering my help whenever possible.

I truly enjoy helping people find their path. I have trained thousands, written 50 plus manuals, and have worked through some of the toughest obstacles you ever can find, from No common Languages,reprogramming computer systems to work a sensible way,  to taking an imploding restaurant and putting it on a path to success, reaching profits by changing the core philosophies, style of handling guests, and finding ways of saving on budgeted items, without letting the end product suffer.

What ever you need, I can handle it. If I haven't done it personally, I am sure I can give you the right ear to ask. No problem is too large, or impossible to tackle. Just ask and we will work it out.

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Quincy B.
Lancaster, United States
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