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PWCarr Music is an ASCAP affiliated music publishing company created to publish the songs of Colorado songwriter Pat Carr. The PWCarr Music site contains Pat Carr's Top Ten blues songs, Blues CDs, Blues radio, mp3 song downloads, and musician resources.

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Triple Treat Chocolate
Aug 28 2010 18:28

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Some Kind of Blues
Aug 16 2010 10:04

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Mr. Pat Carr is a well seasoned online marketer. He is experienced in network marketing, online promotion, cash-back advertising, affiliate marketing, list building, traffic generation, online income etc. He is the owner of PWCarr Online Enterprises where he exhibits his experience in different programs. His high experience can be relied upon. I highly recommend his services to you if you want to succeed online.
 - toniville April 22nd, 2014

I am in some of Pats downlines but his music is fantastic. Hope to keep in touch Pat. Jenelle
 - coffeediva January 21st, 2011

Pat Carr is an awesome guitar player. Stop by his site and have a listen. This guy really is cool
 - dp1hod September 17th, 2010

Glad to meet you - hows it going, trying to further the relationship. blessings skype - goentskype
 - cruzn September 6th, 2010

Pat is a dynamic Musician, if you haven't heard his tunes yet you are missing out! He has some really great programs and is there to help you as well! Thanks Pat
 - crystalaztec August 28th, 2010