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Do u often have unexplainable headaches? Do u suffer from insomnia or sleep disorders?Have Migraine & frequently visit your doctor? Do u feel fatigued & have little energy at the end of the day. Are u often chronically ill or prone to diseases & depression/Or do u suffer from allergies/AND most importantly--- Yes, & the symptoms aggravate DURING EXAMINATIONS, INTERVIEWS & WORK PRESSURE. Do u use computer, mobile or other ELECTRO MAGNETIC RADIATION producing equipments, and despite the attendance with the physician, the symptoms return or become even stronger. With the technological development of our civilization humans are today exposed to electrical & magnetic fields & Radiations.It’s an accepted scientific fact that the Electromagnetic Radiation of computers,microwaves, mobiles etc is harmful to human health in a serious manner. All Computer Related Injuries, like fatigue, sleeping & postural disorders etc can be protected

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Tesla Purple Energy Plate - credit card size $8.00 only
Mar 8 2012 02:05

Tesla Plates are Trans-receivers of Universal Free Energy and a complete

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Relieves back pain, migraine, spondalities, etc within 20 minutes. For chronic pains, use regularly.

Use it as a free energy tool, meditation: deaddiction: food & liquid energiser: Telepathy: Insomnia. There is much more to these plates n some of them u wl find in Star Signs of Linda Goodman. The developers vedic research and innovations have formed a group in Facebook for all the testimonials received from world over. Pls chk out- Experience- Tesla Purple Energy Plates India.