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Apr 26 2015 17:58
Now You Can Advertise On Our NetworkAdvertising distributionDelivery assurance and controlNational coverageBest international practicesBespoke solutionsService 360The has features you would expect to capture and retain customers. Our solutions are fully customizable to the objectives of each brand. With our loyalty programs and relational marketing solutions, we help to communicate and to strengthen ties with satisfied customers.Your company is not online, does not exist! Today?s online presence with a website, a Facebook page, a directory, Twitter or Pintrest, are the business card for their clients ..To generate more traffic to your website need to know, how to increase leads, sales, how to communicate, content, messages? Information: Communicate services and contacts of your company;Image and video hosting by TinyPic ? Awareness: publicize their offerings and products, contributing to the increase in its audience;Image and video hosting by TinyPic ? Relationship: Establish a relationship with your customers and potential customers, generate leads for a contact potential;Image and video hosting by TinyPic ? Customer care: Watch your customers, the use of the product or service that gives you;Image and video hosting by TinyPic ? E-commerce: to generate online revenue;Did you know that advertising is a distribution of the media with the greatest impact among the Portuguese population?The has a 360 ? view of the distribution of advertising:The Portugal integrates a unique know-how and best quality practices group.European leader in the distribution of advertising (over 11 thousand million brochures and promotional items distributed per year).Did you know the advertising brochure is an effective means in Portugal, to generate visits to your store?? 63% of consumers were to a store where there usually shopped after receiving a brochure. (In: Nielsen Study 2010 in Portugal);? 85% of respondents assume Portuguese have already bought something after seeing a leaflet. (In: Nielsen Study 2010 in Portugal);? 70% of consumers consider that there are good business in the advertising leaflets. (In: Nielsen Study 2010 in Portugal);? It is the preferred medium for receiving retail offers ? with 62% positive responses in Portugal. The TV comes in 3rd place (with 47% of positive responses) and the Digital 2nd place (50%). (In: ELMA 2014);Check out case studies on how to generate more visits to the point of sale based on the distribution of advertising and see the results!If you want to learn more about this topic, please subscribe to our newsletter or contact usI like to know the criteria for a free trial2. Improve the performance of your distribution of advertising;3. Disclose locally their products and / or services;4. Create effective impact for a wide audience;5. Expand your online audience, generating new visitors to your website; See More About Our Promoter Services Options   Signup To Receive Our Updates Direct On Your Email

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