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I am a Distance Working Certified Multimedia Producer & Web Designer, not married - but not single either, mother of 6 children, 2 dogs and 2 cats, living in Sweden/Stockholm.

A mix up of what I manage:

Building web pages; a variety of purpose
Create logos; a mixture of use
Construct banners; a variety of use
Produce video and audio; a choice of intention, for the most part used for marketing and promotions
Photographing; a variety of motive
Writing; own poetry books - personal work of art
Constructing; poem frames - personal work of art
Painting; personal work of art
Compose awards; for individuals who are making a considerable effort for themselves and others in various ways

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Mia Hienovirta
An over achiever who is willing to continue to grow and learn from other professionals. View Profile

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Additional Info.

"The matrix and the system mean nothing without a group of active members, so my aim is still to educate, and to create a group of active members".