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ET100KLV 3 phase online double conversion 208v 100kva ups data center
Aug 31 2022 21:06

Prostar ET100KLV 3 phase online double conversion 208v 100kva ups data center fully isolates and protects against all power quality disturbances in even the most demanding environments.

ET LV 208V three-phase uninterruptible power supply delivers top performance for edge, small, and medium data centers, as well as critical infrastructure in commercial and industrial facilities. Its compact design, high-density technology, N+1 redundancy, and fault-tolerant architecture maximize availability, operational efficiency, and critical load protection, while minimizing total cost of ownership.

ET LV 208V 220V 3 Phase Online UPS

Full front access allows for a space saving footprint, user friendly graphical display with multiple language options, and an SNMP network based power management card.

100KVA UPS Features & Benefits

1. Wide input voltage range and frequency range

Designed for harsh electrical environments to save battery life, and suitable for fuel generators or other power generation equipment.

2. Most advanced and high frequency DSP technology

High input power factor, advanced IGBT inverter technology and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology create low input Total Harmonic Distortion (THDi).

3. Super overload capacity

Long-time working under the load of less than 105%; switching to the bypass in 10min under the load of 105% (inclusive) to 125%; switching to the bypass output in 1min under the load of 125% (inclusive) to 150%.

4. Multi-communication Interface

It offers RS232, USB, RS485, CAN, NET, input and output dry contacts, SNMP board, WIFI board, GPRS board and 4G board to monitor the operating status of UPS.

5. Parallel-redundant capable

Power the connected equipment with multiple uninterruptible power supplies to increase system redundancy and share the common battery packs to reduce the cost.

6. ECO Mode

Operating mode that ensures ultra-high efficiency while charging the batteries, conditioning the load power factor, and ensuring a Class 1 output voltage regulation.

7. Cold start and mains start without battery

In the abnormal state of the utility power, the UPS can be started directly with the battery to meet emergency needs.
There is no battery, the UPS can be started directly from the mains power.

8. Dual mains input

Increases availability by allowing the UPS to be connected to two separate power sources.

9. Lithium-ion batteries compatible

It must be set up separately, not included in the standard configuration.

UPS Specification

TopologyDouble conversion online
Noise<65dBA  front side 1M
Dimension(WxDxH mm)700x800x1800
Input Rated Voltage3P + N + PE, 208Vac/220Vac(L-N: 120Vac/127Vac)
Input Voltage Range167Vac – 250Vac
Input Rated Frequency50Hz/60Hz (Auto)
Input Frequency Range40Hz – 70Hz
Input Power Factor>0.95
Input Current Limit1.25 times Rated INPUT Current (Settable 0.1 – 1.25)
THDI< 3% full load
Bypass Input Voltage Range167Vac – 250Vac
Bypass Input Voltage RegulationUpper Limit: default 20% (Settable 10%/15%/20%/25%)
Lower Limit: default 20% (Settable 10%/20%/30%/40%/50%/60%)
Output Rated Voltage3P + N + PE, 208Vac/220Vac ± 1% (L-N: 120Vac/127Vac)
Output Voltage Regulation0V(Settable ±1V- ±5V)
Output FrequencyMains Mode: tracking BYPASS Input in synchronized state
Battery Mode: 50Hz/60Hz±0.01%
Output Power Factor0.8
Total Harmonic Distortion (THDU)< 2% at 100% linear load; < 5% at 100% non-linear load
Overload CapacitySupports up to 105% load continuously in double conversion; 105% – 110% load for 60 minutes switching to bypass output; 110% – 125% load for 10 minutes switching to bypass output; 125% – 150% load for 1 minute switching to bypass output; greater than 150% load for 200 milliseconds switching to bypass output
Crest Factor3:1
Wave FormPure sine wave
Transfer Time0ms
Bypass Output Voltage RegulationUpper Limit: default 5% (Settable 5%/10%/15%)
Lower Limit: default 5% (Settable 5%/10%/15%)
Bypass Output Frequency RegulationDefault ±2Hz (Settable ±1Hz/±2Hz/±3Hz)
Efficiency at full load (AC-AC)>93%
Efficiency at ECO Mode>98%
Battery TypeSupport VRLA Battery, (Lithium-ion Battery Option)
Battery VoltageDefault 360Vdc (Settable 336VDC/348VDC/372VDC/384VDC)
Battery Charging CurrentCharging Rate * Battery Capacity * Group of Battery (Settable for charging rate, battery capacity and group of battery)
ProtectionOutput short circuit protection, output overload protection, over-temperature protection, low battery voltage protection, output overvoltage / undervoltage protection, fan failure protection
IP ProtectionIP30
Number of Parallel< 8 Units
Cooling MethodFans
Display7-inch LCD Touch Screen
Audible AlarmAudible and visible alarms prioritized by severity
Operating Temperature0? to 40? (32F-104F)
Humidity0~95% (non-condensing)
Altitude< 1000m (Capacity de-rates by 1% for every 100m over 1000m)
Storage Temperature-20? to 70?
Communication InterfaceDefault: RS232/RS485/USB/Dry Contact/EPO (Option: Battery Temperature Compensation)
Communication SlotSNMP/Web interface

UPS Data Center Details

ET uninterruptible power supply UPS 80kva - 120kva front real


ET LV Series 208V Online UPS  Front Panel

ET uninterruptible power supply UPS 80kva - 120kva real

ET LV Series 208V UPS  Real

ET uninterruptible power supply UPS communication interface

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