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PET1103 pf1 best uninterruptible power supply 3000va ups for computer
Aug 3 2022 22:15

Prostar PET1103 pf1 best uninterruptible power supply 3000va ups for computer is a professional commercial solution built in double conversion technology. Equipped with DSP topology, it results in high efficiency reaching 95.5% in Line Mode and even 98.5% in ECO Mode.

PET1103 uninterruptible power supply 3000va ups is the perfect solution for supplying sensitive mission critical utilities. The applications require reliability and performance from an uninterruptible power supply.

POWERONE UPS will assure device protection and provide several minutes runtime in case of main power failure. It is ideal for office, network and telecom peripherals.

PET single phase pure sine wave double conversion online ups 1KVA-3KVA

3000VA UPS Features

  • True double conversion
  • Microprocessor control optimizes reliability
  • DSP technology guarantees high performance
  • Input power factor correction
  • Unity Power Factor (kVA = kW)
  • Extremely wide input voltage window of 110 VAC to 300 VAC
  • High efficiency up to 95.5%
  • 50Hz/60Hz frequency converter mode
  • ECO and frequency operating voltage possibilities
  • Emergency power off(EPO) function
  • Graphic LCD display with interactive multilingual user interface
  • Select battery numbers
  • Adjustable charging current/charging mode via LCD panel
  • Charger capacity expansion to 12A for long-run models
  • Programmable output voltage
  • Cold start by battery without grid Input
  • Generator compatible
  • Extension slot for SNMP, potential-free contacts, remote panel
Online UPS 3KVA Datasheet
CAPACITY3000VA / 3000W
Battery Voltage96VDC
Size, D X W X H (mm)395 X 143 X 222
Net Weight (kgs)6
Norminal Voltage208/220/230/240VAC
Input Voltage Range110-300VAC
Frequency Range50Hz:44Hz~56Hz or 60Hz:54Hz~66Hz
PhaseSingle Phase, L+N+PE
Power Factor? 0.99 @ nominal voltage (input voltage)
Harmonic Distortion?4% (Linear Load), ?5% (Non-linear Load)
Output voltage208/220/230/240VAC
AC Voltage Regulation 1% (Batt. Mode)
Frequency Range(Line Mode)Synchronized range
Frequency Range (Batt. Mode)50 Hz or 60Hz 0.1%
Overload CapacityAC Mode:                                                                       Battery Mode:
30mins @102%-110% load                                             1min @102%-110% load
10mins @110%-130% load                                             10sec @110%-130% load
30sec @130%-150% load                                                3sec @110%-130% load
200ms @>150% load                                                      200ms @>150% load
Current Crest Ratio3:1
Harmonic Distortion?3% THD (Linear Load);?5% THD (Non-linear Load)
Transfer TimeAC Mode to Battery Mode0ms
Inverter to Bypass4ms
Waveform (Batt. Mode)Pure Sine Wave
AC Mode95.5%
Battery Mode91.5%
Battery TypeDepending on applications
Battery Numbers8 PCS
Charging Current5A(Default),1A-12A adjustable
Charging Voltage109.6VDC 1%
Charging Mode2-stage or 3-stage
LCD PanelLoad level, Battery level, AC mode, Battery mode, Bypass mode,and Fault condictions
Ambient temperature0- 40C
Operation Humidity20%-95% (non-condensing)
Storage temperature-15~60? (no battery inside)
Altitude<1000m ( the height above 1000m should be reduced to a maximum of 4000m.)
Noise LevelLess than 50dBA @ 1 Meter
Communication IntefaceStandard: RS232, USB; Option: Dry contact, EPO
Smart SlotOptional SNMP Card

UPS Highlight

PET single phase pure sine wave double conversion online ups 1KVA-3KVA PF1

PET single phase online UPS 1KVA-10KVA battery charging current

PET single phase online UPS 1KVA-10KVA adjustable battery numbers

Online UPS 3000VA Details

PET1103 pf1 best uninterruptible power supply 3000va ups for computer

PET1103 pf1 best uninterruptible power supply 3000va ups for computer

Uninterruptible Power Supply FAQ

  1. How long do UPS batteries last?
  2. Can I use my UPS with a generator?
  3. How should I choose a UPS?

    You need to make a note of the number of gadgets that need to function in the eventuality of a power cut, and the battery backup power requirement. Additional battery capacity should always be planned keeping future expansion in mind. These pointers will help you choose the right UPS for your ideal backup power supply requirement.

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