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Tanglewood Gifts Emporium, has a large selection of Home Decor items, we offer accents in African, Arabic, Asian, and Southwestern cultures, Kitchen Decor, Garden Decor and so much more.

Our candle selection is huge and the fragrances are true to the description given. We carry candle holders, tea light holders, lanterns of all sorts and types to accommodate all of your home and garden needs.

We have a large selection of Garden Fountains, Gnomes, Planters, and Plant stands for the patio and garden area.

When you visit Tanglewood Gifts Emporium, you will stop for one item and end up looking at them all.


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Patricia is a wonderful person, his strength of spirit, his faith, his sympathy and his expertise are a great inspiration for me.
 - aelle October 10th, 2011

Tricia is one of the kindest friends I have met online. A very hardworker and dedicated to the well being of her family. I am very happy to have met her. May she have much success in her online and off-line endeavors!
 - daykotah September 16th, 2011

Hi, Its nice to meet & Connect with you here in apsense. As I Sent You a Personal message & Told You My respect for You. Your Blog Post are so informative. The most Thing I like that When you comment in blog post its never hurts anyone, instead of that it is so humble.
 - vishwa September 9th, 2011

There are tons of members at APSense who are looking for ways to make money while not spending one cent on their business. Obviously, their lack of seriousness shows in the way they treat it, i.e. more like a hobby. It's not the case with Patricia. One more thing that proves her commitment is her store. She's not a program jumper. She chose a niche right drom the start. We should all do this first. It helps to focus on trying to make it work, instead of spending time and/or money jumping from one program to another. As if these qualities weren't enough, you will find she's instantly trustable. Add to that a writing style that is filled with humor, common sense and clarity, and if you are still reading this instead of sending her a contact request, you are making a mistake. :)
 - phmoisan September 5th, 2011

Patricia was the first person to welcome me to the Apsense family. We had a very delightful conversation; she is very easy to talk to.
 - ashiek August 9th, 2011


Tricia (Patricia) Fahrendorf
Del City, United States
An over achiever who is willing to continue to grow and learn from other professionals. View Profile


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  • Writing & Speaking
  • Spirituality
  • Self Improvement
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  • Home & Family


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We are currently looking for Like Minded Business Sites to do Link Exchanges with. If you would be interested in Linking with my company please email me at TGEmporium@gmail.com. I will reply as quickly as possible. Please be sure to leave me a link and description of your site so that I visit it as well. Thank you for your time, Warmest Regards, Patricia Fahrendorf, Tanglewood Gifts Emporium, A Tanglewood Acres, LLC company