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About our Business

PERMA TECH Co., Ltd. designs and manufactures a wide range of high quality custom battery packs, from design to prototyping to manufacturing, which combine fast delivery, high quality and unbeatable value added service. All PERMA Battery products are designed and tested to meet the most rigorous application conditions, and manufactured in compliance with the most strict industry standards. We are highly focused on delivering high-performance battery packs custom designed to meet stringent quality requirements and tight production schedules. 

Featured Products or Services

PERMA Battery Lithium Primary LiMnO2 Soft CP652230 3.0V 800mAh with Custom Tabs Leads and Plugs
May 16 2019 04:08

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Super Lithium 11000WP-C Battery Pack 14.8V Li-ion with Charger for Electric Fishing Reels
May 16 2019 04:02

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PERMA Battery Pack with Built-in Protection PCM and LED Power Indicators for most 12V Power Systems
Jan 15 2019 02:54

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PERMA Battery Pack with Built-in PCM and Water-proof Case and Charger for most 12V Power Systems
Jan 15 2019 02:52

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PERMA Battery Packs Li-Polymer designed for small medical electronics
Aug 7 2018 01:21

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PERMA Battery Co., Ltd. is a professional battery pack provider,specializing in design and manufacture of various battery packs in chemistries of Li-ion, Li-Po, LiFePO4, NiMH, Alkaline and primary Lithium. PERMA Battery Co., Ltd. provide a complete source of high quality custom battery systems, from design to prototyping and manufacturing. I Recommended it.
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