Wood Pellet Packing Machine
Jun 10 2014 20:36
Biomass pellet packing machine is a type of high-speed automatic packing machine. It is suitable for weighing and packing materials with good flow property such as wood pellets, feed pellets, sugar, salt, rice, coffee nuts, etc. for commercial production. After biomass pellets are cooled by a biomass pellet cooler, biomass pellet packing becomes an important step for biomass fuel pellets going into the commercial biofuel resources market. With electric automated technology and scientific design, biomass pellet packing machine is accurate and efficient. It has been adopted by a wide range of biomass fuel pellet manufacturers.Noticeable Advantages of Azeus Biomass Pellet Weighing and Packing Machine1. Stable performance and high measuring accuracy; Equipped with digital display screen.2. Can realize automatic control parameters setting, tolerance automatic correction, out-of-tolerance alarm and fault self-diagnosis.3. Two weighers of biomass pellet packing machine can work together or separately.4. Adopts import stainless steel to get a high hygiene standards, to corrosion resistance, and to get a long service life.5. We also supply the automatic code printer and sewing machine for your choice.

Wood Pellet Cooler
Jun 10 2014 20:09
For an industrial wood pellet plant, a pellet cooler is never a dispensable thing. When pellets come out of the pellet mill, they are always hot and wet. Then a pellet cooler is needed. Biomass pellet cooler is a type of counterflow cooling machine with highly automated control system. Adopting the counterflow cooling principle, it can cool down the temperature of the pellets to 3 ? 5? above room temperature and take away most of the moisture on the surface of the pellets at the same time. Besides cooling wood pellets, biomass pellet cooler can also be used for cooling feed pellets in feed pellet processing lines.Striking Features of Azeus Counterflow Pellet CoolerA. Adopting rotary distributor and oscillating flap discharging institutions. With the help of rotary distributor, biomass pellets can be spread flat in the cooling chamber. The oscillating flap discharging institutions makes the discharge of the processed biomass pellets smooth and efficient.B. Azeus biomass pellet cooler adopts the counterflow cooling principle to process premium biomass pellets. In the cooling chamber, dry airflow flows from the bottom of the cooling machine to top. Thus the pellets is cooled gradually to take away more heat and moisture without breakage. C. Azeus biomass pellet cooler is with features of large capacity, stable cooling effect, low energy consumption, low noise, high degree of automation and easy maintenance. It is truly an exciting cooling equipment for a wood pellet mill.

Small Diesel Wood Pellet Mill
Jun 10 2014 19:50
Small diesel pellet mill is a type of flat die wood pellet mill. With a capacity from 40kg/h to 550 kg/h, it is suitable for making small amount wood pellet in a small wood pellet plant or on a farm. Driven by a diesel engine, diesel wood pellet mill is movable and unlimited by electricity resource. Adopting flat die pelletizing principle, wood pellets pressed by diesel flat die wood pellet mill are compact and have a high hardness. Besides wood pellet, diesel flat die pellet mill can also be use to press other materials such as agricultural waste, grass, etc,.Reasons for Choosing Diesel Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill1. Suitable for pressing biofuel pellets in electric shortage area.2.  The pellets made by our pellet mill is with a feature of high hardness.3. The pelletizing die of small diesel flat die wood pellet mill is changeable and we supply various die with die hole size of 2.5mm, 3m, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.4. Small diesel flat die wood pellet mill is easy to operate and maintain. 5. It can also be used to making animal feed pellets and animal bedding pellets.

Small Electric Wood Pellet Mill
Jun 10 2014 05:12
As we all know, a pellet mill is the most important part for a wood pellet plant. Azeus small electric flat die wood pellet mill is a type of crude fiber biomass pellet mill. It is designed to compress biomass materials into biofuel pellets to replace petroleum, diesel and electricity. With capacity varying from 40kg/h to 550kg/h, electric flat die wood pellet mill is suitable for making biomass fuel pellets for home use or in a small biofuel pellet plant. Simple operating and reliable running and available capacity for choice, itís nevertheless a good choice for making wood pellets at home or for a small wood pellet line.Remarkable Features and Benefits of Small Electric Wood Pellet Mill* The pelletizing die is changeable and we supply various die with die hole size of 2.5mm, 3m, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm for your choice.* High pellet molding rate. The pellets made by our pellet mill is with a feature of high hardness.* Electric flat die wood pellet mill is easy to operate and maintain. Beside, we supply reliable after-sales service.* It can also be used to making animal feed pellets and animal bedding pellets.

Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill
Jun 10 2014 05:02
Ring die pellet mill is a technical pellet mill for industrial wood pellets processing. The common raw materials for making wood pellets are: wood sawdust, crushed wood logs, crushed wood waste and so on. Besides, it also has a wide application for biomass materials pellets such as: grass pellets, cotton stalk pellets, rice husk pellets, etc. With a large capacity, ring die pellet mill is common used in industrial wood pellet plant for large capacity biofuel pellets processing.Remarkable Features of Azeus Ring Die Pellet Mill1. Adopting the imperative feeder device to improve the feeding efficiency. It works well especially for some light materials such as wheat straws, grass, etc,.2. Equipped with frequency conversion power engine to satisfy different raw materials to improve pellets quality.3. Main drive adopts high accurate gear drive, with an output of about 20% higher than belt drive.4. Equipped with overload protection device, the pellet processing procedure is more safety.5. Developed by international advanced technique, ring die wood pellet mill is with novel and compact structure, safe performance, low noise and low malfunction.

Airflow Sawdust Dryer
Jun 10 2014 04:54
With continuous, rapid, efficient drying effect, Azeus airflow sawdust dryer is widely used in food, feed, chemical, pharmaceutical and mine industries. Special designed, it is suitable for drying power materials with a diameter of 5?m - 5mm. Markedly drying effect, it is quite an ideal wood sawdust drying machine for medium and small wood pellet line.Remarkable Characteristics and Special Features for Azeus Airflow Sawdust Dryer1. Airflow sawdust dryer adopts the impulse airflow drying principle, making the drying procedure efficient and rapid.2. Large drying ability and low equipment investment. The drying capacity is from 50kg/h to 1500kg/h to satisfy different drying demand for wood pellets processing.3. Airflow sawdust dryer is with features of compact structure , smooth operation, high reliability.4. Easy to operate and easy to maintain. We supply Perfect after-sales service.

Rotary Drum Type Sawdust Dryer
Jun 10 2014 04:48
Drum type sawdust dryer is a common type drying machine. With reliable performance, elastic operating and strong adaptability, it is quite suitable for large capacity materials drying. The capacity of drum type sawdust dryer varies from 2.5tons to 36tons. With large drying ability and low energy consumption, it is widely used in mining industry and industrial biomass pellet plant.Drum Sawdust Dryer ApplicationA. Drying chemical products, including: fertilizer, metal powder, sugar, building materials, etc.B. Drying mining industry products such as coal, ore, sand, clay, kaolin, etc.C. It can be used to dry biomass materials such as sawdust, wood chips, crop stalks, grass, leaves, etc, preparing for biomass pellet mill.D. Drying agricultural products and feed processing industry products, including starch residue, fish meal, medical, pomace, bagasse, etc.

Electric Wood Hammer Mill
Jun 10 2014 04:40
Special design and mature processing technology, Azeus machinery developed several types of small electric wood hammer mill aiming at wood materials and various biomass materials. By repeating friction and collision between wood materials and the grinding steel plates, the screen, the raw materials is crushed with a size from 1.5mm to 10mm. Smooth working, competitive price, changeable model, Itís truly a good wood crushing equipment for your to make wood pellets at home!Electric Wood Hammer Mill Application* Specially designed for small scale wood materials processing, suitable for farm or home use* Can be used to processing a variety of biomass materials* Producing wood fiber materials for paper making industry* Wood crushing equipment for wood particleboard processing industry* Wood crushing equipment for wood pellet line

Diesel Wood Hammer Mill
Jun 10 2014 04:32
Powered by a diesel engine, diesel wood hammer mill is designed to crush wood and biomass materials in electricity shortage region. As it is removeable, Azeus diesel wood hammer mill is suitable for processing biomass materials in farms, wharf and field to reduce transportation costs for biomass materials. With a small capacity, diesel wood hammer mill can also be used in small wood pellet lines as a biomass pre-treatment equipment.Diesel Wood Hammer Mill Application1. With a capacity varying from 200kg/h to 1100kg/h, this type of small diesel wood hammer mill is specially designed for small capacity biomass materials crushing. 2. It can work independently or work together with a pellet mill and other auxiliary machines to form a complete wood pellet plant. 3. Wood hammer mill can be used to crushing wood materials such as wood shavings, wood chips, wood particle and wood barks. It can also be used to process various biomass materials such as crop stalks, groundnut shells, sunflower husks, reed stalks and so on. 4. The final products is with a size of 1.8mm to 10mm and it has a wide application for paper making, fiberboard making, biofuel pellet making and making stove fuels.5. It can also be used in for grinding grains, soybean meal,etc for making feed pellets.

Electric Wood Crusher
Jun 10 2014 04:15
Electric wood crusher is a wood pre-treat machine.  Azeus electric wood crusher is also a fine wood grinding machine, because it can process wood materials into wood power or fiber to meet different product request. Besides wood materials, it can be used to crushing a variety of biomass materials such as crop stalks, groundnut shell, corn cob, bamboo, reed stalks, etc,.Reasons for Choosing Electric Wood Crusher* This is a new type of wood crusher. It can processing a variety of biomass materials.* Besides simple structure and compact layout, electric wood crusher also has another feature of competitive price.* Smoothly working, energy - saving, this electric wood crusher is competent for large capacity production in industrial wood materials processing plant. The final product particle is uniform and with a high fineness degree.* As a professional wood processing equipment, it has a wide application in paper, wood pellets, edible fungus, mechanism charcoal, shaving board, sawdust board industries.

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