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I am mostly a medical person, worked in hospitals for years. But now, I am doing online marketing.  I love relationship marketing as you get to meet so many awesome people, successful and struggling. 
I have worked with many companies over the years, and some fell apart sadly.  Now, I look at who started these businesses and what is their success rate. 
Now I work with a anti aging skin care company, called Nerium International.  The product and business are top level as well as the intregrity in leadership.

I also work with a smaller biz making money and using their marketing tools for my primary biz, Nerium.  This small biz is also developed by a man with much experience and BBB A+ ratings.  This one is sooo easy and very cheap.  It has a one time start up cost of $25.  You have to see this one, newbies and experienced people.  If you can find 2 people to sign up, you are on the road to success.  Click here to sign up with this awesome company, Ultimate Cycler

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You are a Noble Soul Paula Wish well for your retirement thanks paula for your kind words it touched me I am running 83 and am for fun on Apsense You are a Noble soul God bless you could we be friends on internet? all the best to you I am in India these days Thanks for your recommendation I am reciprocating
 - vpsmalhotra November 30th, 2013

Nerium International is in the highest selling category within beauty, which is dermal. Within the dermal category, Nerium is the fastest growing section that is anti-aging. Consumer loyalty to skincare, specifically anti-aging is very high. For this quality, i recommend Nerium international for all of my contacts in Apsense. Find it here by googling it: article/why-this-awesome-antiaging-product-and-biz-op.html
 - namadobi August 9th, 2013

Paula is a friend,professional,honest,trustful and dependable also believe in helping others getting the job done.Paula is active on APSense Business network love connecting with other members in the community.
 - marvin60 September 19th, 2012

Great Profile and intro frank true and impressive all the best
 - vpsmalhotra August 5th, 2012

Paula is great affiliate , honest and so helpful in anything she does. There is genuine concern from Paula and not this fake "relationship building" that you sometimes run into on the internet. I feel very blessed to know Paula and to call her my friend.
 - taniapsense August 4th, 2012

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