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Mindset4mlm deals with the our way of thinking when it comes to our home based businesses (Network Marketing especially). A lot of people get involved in this industry purely to make money (I was one). The truth is, before you can really get to that level, there's a lot to learn, a lot to share, a lot of challenges/setbacks to overcome.

All these things can be done when one's mind is programed to think positively. Your business starts from your mind - if you see it as a failure, then that's what you get. So my mission is to get people to think positively regardles of what's working right now or what's not; because it is a well known fact that negative thoughts have a stronger influence on people than poisitve ones.

By the that I mean - people easily get overwhelmed by the negative words they hear than the encouraging and positive words. Stay focused, stay positive and always take action, no matter what.

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I hardly ever do this, write a "Testimonial", but this one has been over due. I have knowing and worked with Otoabasi for 8 or 9 months now. Here and on other "Social Media Business Sites". Otoabasi is Very artistic, knowledgeable, creative and a man who thinks outside the box. He is determine to write very creative articles, provide training session that will benefit all who studies and follows his work. He definitely got my attention many months ago...So My friend you have done a very loyal job here and on all the sites we share....This is well deserved!!!....."All the Best"...my friend
 - jfbmarketing October 27th, 2011

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To Steer people on the right path; to help people focus more on positive thoughts, actions and words; to assist people on self improvement; to coach newbies who are serious about making a mark in the industry of Internet/Network Marketing