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Satellite TV Auto Positioning Antenna System
Sep 23 2009 13:54

PAPSA(Portable Auto Positioning Satellite Antenna)'s distinctive features can be summarized as follows:

The Unit is Mobile

  • This means that it does not need to be fixed to any specific location like the wall of a structure. Can be moved a the need exists. (Customers who have vacation homes part time residence homes – caravans etc.)

Plug and Play

  • This means that there is no need for a service person to install this unit. You simply plug the unit in place in a line of sight for signal and within a minute you may enjoy satellite television. (Eliminates the high cost of installation and service to traditional satellite antenna that currently exist)


  • The unit will automatically find the signal that you subscribe to without the need for human positioning. (With human installation the margin for error is extremely high where the Unit margin for error is eliminated to 0.3 of a dB rating) Get best antenna performance.


  • The unit will work indoors for those who do not have the ability to place the unit outside. It will also work outside like traditional satellite antenna. (This will allow customers who traditionally have not had the option for satellite to now subscribe to this service. For example, co-op communities that do not allow dishes to be installed on structures within the community or condominium/apartment buildings) This will increase the reach of the satellite provider and potentially increase the consumer lease of satellite subscriptions.

Multi Signal Capability

  • The unit has the ability to search and locate as many satellite signals as the customer has decoded or subscribed to their home. This eliminates the need to have multiple dishes located in the structure of the home. (This will be particularly beneficial to those customers who have some satellite television from their country of origin and wish to navigate from their main provider to their second or even third provider through the use of one satellite antenna.) For Free-To-Air users.

IDU Control Box

  • The IFU is a unit that lugs into the PAPSA and on the receiver that allows the user to navigate through the different satellite signals offered within the dwelling. The need for the unit is for customers who often watch different satellite signals and have the PAPSA unit somewhere that is not within easy reach to switch signal directly from the unit. This makes navigation easy and seamless.

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