Smart Media Desktop - New Way for Cheap and Effective Business Advertisement.
Mar 16 2011 04:00
Our company has a unique and revolutionary software platform that has taken almost 4 years to develop at a cost of millions of dollars. What can actually be done with this platform is only limited by the imagination! At present it incorporates Education, Entertainment, Online Shopping as well as a unique Web Browser that is not only faster and more secure than other browsers, it can also PAY you when others use it! A little later this year, it will also be available as an application for iPhones and iPads. The Company is continuing the development in order to become the market leader and to be classed amongst the giants on the Internet. Once you seen what they are doing, you will probably agree that they have to potential to achieve this!  Over 2 Billion people are online every day and when they hear about the SMD they will want and need it. You and I are in an enviable position to be amongst the first in the world to know about it and be able to cash in on this massive marketplace! What person with a business, product or service wouldn?t want to be able to GIVE AWAY this amazing product as a tool to help them with their branding and advertising? That?s right? They can ?Brand? this tool and then give it away for FREE to customers, clients and everyone they know?. It then becomes a viral marketing tool. Not only that, they can also advertise to get even more exposure. Companies and business people are always looking for great and inexpensive ways to advertise and this income stream alone could be massive for you. This company offers extremely attractive commissions and bonuses. We provide our successful candidates with training, support and supporting material. Please see the videos on the home page of this website: The video on the Opportunity Page is essential viewing and can even be seen first or after Video 1 on the home page. Browsing through the different pages will help you learn about the background of the company, the product and the earning potential.

Join our Successful Team and we will help you to be financially independent
Feb 24 2011 07:01
Imagine Getting PAID When Others Use The Internet!What if you could turn back the clock and position yourself in such a way to capitalize on companies such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook & Twitter as they went through their massive growth. These companies all used the same powerful marketing strategyGive away something of value that people genuinely want and need I would like to introduce you to the world first Web Browser that pays you to give it away! Learn more here: Introducing the Smart Media Browser:Up to 5 Times as fast as any other Web Browser in the WorldSafer and more secure than any of the Top 5 Web BrowsersNew Visual Bookmarks - A revolutionary advancement in bookmarks technology And YOU get paid to give it away!Imagine this as a Rep.When OTHERS use your branded Smart Media Browser YOU GET PAID!When others "Click" YOU GET PAID!Even when they just "Look"  YOU GET PAID! This is the simplest online opportunity available. Everyone you know will hear about the Smart Media Browser and all the other benefits that come with the revolutionary Smart Media Desktop.2 Billion people are Online Every Day and when they hear about it, they will want it. The question is? When they get it will YOU be the one getting paid? Tell your friends BEFORE they tell you!

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