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Aug 28 2011 16:03

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Seems Good Works Coming up from You, Work Sincerely you will Succeed"
 - nicholas11226 February 22nd, 2013

He is very hardworking and dedicated towards his work.
 - makemoney123 August 2nd, 2012

Nice guy and highly employeed in his porfession and hard worker.
 - murgocea May 26th, 2012

Todd is a one of the remarkable guys to look upto when finding your way here online. He's been very helpful a lot.
 - malok April 9th, 2012

I can't say enough about Todd B he has helped me out so much and continue to help me to learn more about how different systems and tools will work for me. When I first logged on I was lost and needed a little direction and Todd stepped right up and helped me out. It's hard to trust people in this day and age but Todd has kept every thing honest and upfront with me. Thank you so much Todd and if their is anyone out there that has any doubts in his skills DON'T, he is the real deal. Tina.
 - moneyqueen March 7th, 2012