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Nottinghamshire Cleaning Services - Jul 28th 2021 08:43

About our Business

Nottinghamshire Cleaning Services is a leading professional cleaning company operating throughout Nottinghamshire . Whether itís a Nottinghamshire suburban house, a luxurious flat or a stylish office building, our Nottinghamshire  cleaning specialists are always ready to meet your individual cleaning demandings. Our team is fully vetted and trained to comply with your health and safety, whilst displaying a high level of respect to clientís privacy. Our cleaning services are pet- and kid-friendly, as we use only non-toxic cleaning products. 

Featured Products or Services

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I am very satisfied with the their services. They are a great professional and the job was done perfectly.
 - cleanhouse August 13th, 2015

Great service provided by friendly and hard-working staff.
 - cleanersderbyshire July 27th, 2015