About our Business

I am doing SEO & Email Marketing with 3+ years of Experience and also working freelance work for this at home. During the working in first time in an Organization with employees those are different- different valuable experience person. They help me to divert on the way to growth and it was the great time which spending with them.

Except this, I always try to care about those around me regardless of their prosperity or social class. I make an effort to show respect and treat all persons with self-respect without peculiarity what so ever of race, gender, religion, nationality or any other distinguishing feature.

Along with this, I have worked with many digital marketing agencies and got experience. Recently I have got 3+ years experience in Digital marketing field.

My experiences also have trained me that my success strongly depends on my responsibility level. For that reason, in any activity, I try to find to assume responsibility for the delivery of high quality outcomes in both good and bad times, and take possession of all responsibilities within my own role.

Let’s see the our responsibility for SEO and Email marketing-
Key Responsibilities
• Responsibility for the analyzing and tracking complete SEO Process.
• Keyword Research & Analysis
• Competitors Research & Analysis
• Website Analysis
• Google Analytics Code Installation to track and analyze website traffic
• Creation & updating of Google XML Site Map and URL List
• Analyzing website traffic by Google Analytics / Webmasters Tools
• Title & Meta Tags Development
• Content optimization
• Inbound/Out Bound Link management
• SEO Ranking Maintenance /Management
• SEO Activity Planning
• New Blogs Creation and Optimization
• Local Listing
• Review websites Submission
• Lead Generation
• Email Marketing
• Data Fetching

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