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?From time immemorial, it is the innermost desire of every individual that his/her name lives on forever. Creating footprints in the sands of time, though possible, only has an everlasting value when they last forever.

Whatever profession one chooses one desires to excel in it. Even though we come armed with various talents today’s level of competition and opportunities result in a situation where one no more needs only hard work but smart work to excel. It is known that many a professional whether he/she be a doctor, engineer, businessman, architect, etc have found their calling in the world of glamour. This world is one where every dreamer would like to be part.

Just like all professions it too is one where passion, determination, and dedication play vital roles. To enhance these talents and find proper direction in churning one's energies ELFA – EL Finishing Academy was born.

ELFA is an institute that is dedicated to mentoring and preparing aspiring actors and models to set their steps into the glamour world of tomorrow. Fitness, Dancing (Bollywood, Hip Hop, and Bharatanatyam), Acting, Modelling, Pageant Grooming, Personality Development, Fashion Runway, Event Management, Photography are few of the areas in which we train our aspiring students.

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Modelling Course
Dec 3 2020 07:43

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Acting Course
Dec 3 2020 07:41

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Nisha is a great actress. Definitely have to check out her performances
 - forexfade December 2nd, 2020