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GXG Stock Exchange and RST Capital

As a registered Broker Dealer, we have expanded our services into listing and the sale of public companies. We can offer a turn-key listing, brokerage accounts set-up, and market making package for companies who would like to list and go public.

If you have a company that wants to list on the US OTCBB or Pinksheets, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, Canadian TSX Markets, or the new London GXG Markets, we can assist in listing your firm, giving each one of your investors their own brokerage accounts to trade your shares from, enable the market making so there is  an active market for trading the shares, and providing capital raising and roadshow introductions within Europe through partners like IFXBG who have over 10 billion euro for financing listed firms.

Currently we have 3 OTCBB companies, 4 GXG Market companies, 2 Frankfurt Listed companies, 1 London Stock Exchange company, and a TSX firm for sale. We can always list your firm quickly on one of the markets as well and advance you public company capital raising efforts and offering through-out Europe and Asia.

Our public relations arm can assist in preparing prospectus documents and information memorandums and enabling capital raising through introductions and private placements. If you have a project looking for a shell company, or you are trying to raise capital, contact us so we can design a package for you today!

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Additional Info.

GXG Listings Process Step 1: Due Diligence and Pre-Admission Approval The company meets with RST Capital, official broker dealer of the GXG UK Markets and submits initial two page client documentation and forms. This includes: Executive Summary, Expose or Business Plan Company Financials, Projections, and Budgets Appointment Documentation of Broker Dealer RST Capital A Completed Company Information Questionnaire for Issuing Companies (Included in RST Capital Due Diligence) A Completed Directorís Questionnaire for each member of the Board (Including Director scanned passport and bill for anti-money laundering regulations in the UK) At the end of this stage, the company represented by the GXG Listings Broker will be given notification by the Broker and Exchange whether their firm is eligible for listing. The pre-approval committee meeting is not mandatory; however, RST Capitalís team implements this as part of the process to ensure any new client is listed on the GXG. This process takes 1 week. *If the listing is concurrent with financing or bond formations, a third party valuation will also begin on the Company. GXG Listings Process Step 2: Acceptance on the Exchange and the GXG Listing on GXG Markets UK The Company supplies GXG with any further or relevant information related to their committee questions. In the event of Regulated Market listings, the Prospectus is submitted to the Exchange by the Broker Dealer RST Capital (and translated for the Danish FSA) at least 30 days prior to listing. For the MTF market, RST Capital can sponsor the Information Memorandum with its FSA regulated broker number and prepare information material where required for the GXG OTC List. The Danish FSA and GXG Listings Committee admit for trading the firm. The company is listed on a GXG UK. GXG OTC Listings take 1-3 weeks to list, GXG MTF Listings can take 3-6 weeks with an Information Memorandum (without it is 1-3 weeks), and GXG Regulated listings are estimated at 3 months.