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40-50 T/D Integrated Rice Milling Equipment
May 22 2014 21:16
Rice is widely used as a major diet all over the world. Our 40-50 T/D integrated rice milling equipment is a fully automatic rice mill production line that designed to produce high-quality rice. It can produce rice 40-50 tons per day. During the processing, byproducts like husk and rice bran will also be produced, which can be used as the raw material in animal feed, paper industry, artificial wood industry, etc. We can adjust the capacity specifications according to different requirements.

1. Fully automatic production line, less power consumption.
2. Compact structure, nice performance, small volume.
3. Modern design and high efficiency output.
4. Low noise and less consumption.
5. Easy to operate and maintain.
6. High output and low broken rate.
7. Reasonable Price.

Rice Processing Procedures
The complete set of fully automatic rice mill production line can process paddy into national standard rice just in one process at the following flow chart.
Paddy Cleaning?Destoning?Paddy Husking?Husk Separating?Rice Whitening?Rice Grading?Water Polishing?Color Sorting?Packing