• 40-50 T/D Integrated Rice Milling Equipment
    Rice is widely used as a major diet all over the world. Our 40-50 T/D integrated rice milling equipment is a fully automatic rice mill production line that designed to produce high-quality rice.
  • 20-30T/D Integrated Rice Milling Equipment
    20-30T/D Integrated Rice Milling Equipment is a fully automatic rice mill production line that can process paddy into national standard rice just in one process. It can produce rice 20-30 ton/day. And
  • 18 T/D Integrated Rice Milling Equipment
    18 T/D automatic rice mill production line can process paddy into high-quality rice. It can produce rice 18 ton per day. Itís the most ideal paddy processing machine, which is widely used in urban, ru
  • 100T/D Automatic Rice Mill Production Line
    We supply 100T/D fully automatic rice mill production line. From paddy cleaning to rice packing, the operation is automatically controlled. Good quality, reasonable price, professional technical suppo
  • 15T/D Double Iron Roller Rice Milling Equipment
    This 15T/D full automatic rice mill production line can process paddy into national standard rice just in one process. It is one of the newly designed products in the series complete set of rice proce
  • DCS Series Rice Packing Machine
    DCS Series rice packing machine can be widely used for quantitative weighing and packing grains and granules (such as rice, beans, feed, chemical raw materials, etc.). Our rice packing machine adopts
  • DTG Series Bucket Elevator
    DTG series bucket elevator is a new generation of bucket elevator that digests and absorbs the advantages of similar products, which can convey the bottom material to the specified heights.
  • DSTG Series Bucket Elevator
    DSTG Series Bucket Elevator can convey the bottom material to the specified heights. It is dedicated to vertical transportation of powder, various granular materials (such as paddy, bean, rice, corn)
  • MMJP Series Rice Grading Machine
    MMJP series rice grading machine is designed for classifying the rice into several levels, which is an essential attachment equipment in rice processing factory. This milled rice grader adopts three l
  • MMJM Series Rice Grading Machine
    MMJM series rice grading machine is used for dividing milled rice into different classes, also can apply for dividing other particles. When the machine is working,
  • MJP Series Rice Grading Machine
    MJP series rice grading machine is used for separating the milled rice, which adopts different size of rice milled, through continuous screening from different hole diameters of the screen deck to ach
  • MDJY Series Rice Grading Machine
    MDJY Series Rice Grading Machine is in accordance with length difference to separate head rice or broken rice from the milled rice, which is consist of several sieve drums in order to occupy smaller f
  • HS Series Rice Thickness Grading Machine
    HS Series Rice Thickness Grading Machine is engineered for separating fragmental brown rice and crude brown rice by the thickness of rice, so as to improve the purity degree and uniformity degree of c
  • CB6 Cereal Color Sorting Machine
    CB6 cereal sorting machine is designed by adopting integrated sortable and innovative technological achievement for sorting various cereals according to the difference between color and luster.
  • NF Series Air-Spraying Iron Roller Rice Milling Ma
    NF series air-spraying rice milling machine is suitable for whitening clean rice which sprayed air from the milling roller into the whitening chamber to increase rolling times for much better whitenin
  • MGCZ Series Single-body Gravity Paddy Separator
    MGCZ series single-body gravity paddy separator is feasible for separating brown rice from paddy efficiently under reciprocating movement of sieve plate according to different bulk densities, specific
  • MPG Series Rice Polishing Machine
    MPG series rice polishing machine is used for polishing rice to shape the shinning brightly and clear translucent surface. This machine has several parts that is the feeding device, spraying system, s
  • MPGV Series Rice Polishing Machine
    MPGV series rice polishing machine is designed and improved by introducing foreign advanced technology, which is the leading polishing set in rice processing field.
  • Tea Color Sorter
    Based on muti-module parallel processing structure, our T3/T4 series digital intelligent tea color sorter is helpful for preserving the quality of tea leaves.
  • MPGT Series Rice Polishing Machine
    MPGT series rice polishing machine is used in producing and processing industry to polish high precision of rice for our daily life.
  • Biomass Briquette Machine
    As the increasing cost of conventional fuel and environmental issues, people have turned to clean fuel and energy for living and production, and biomass fuel is the popular choice. With advanced techn
  • Electric Flat Die Wood Pellet Machine
    Electric flat die wood pellet mill is an ideal pelletizing machine mainly used for small-scale biomass pellets production for home heating. The raw materials for making biomass pellets are easy to obt
  • MNTL Series Vertical Rice Milling Machine
    MNTL series rice milling machine adopts international advanced milling technology standard, all the parts and components are imported from foreign countries. Ricing milling machine can achieve high ri
  • MGCZ Series Double-body Gravity Paddy Separator
    Paddy separator is indispensable in rice milling process. MGCZ series double-body gravity paddy separator is developed on the basis of foreign advanced technology. It is mainly used for separating bro
  • MNML Series Rice Milling Machine
    MNML series rice milling machine is designed for milling the coarse rice to the white rice with clean and shine luster, which is adopted the advance international technology standard to engineer into
  • MLGT Series Rice Huller
    MLGT series rice huller, as a kind of industrial grain processing machine, is mainly used for hulling paddy and separating rice husk.
  • SS Series Sensing Rice Sorting Machine
    SS series sensing rice sorting machine is specially for sorting light yellow rice and micro color spot rice. This type rice color sorter has exclusive CMOS sensor and various color sorting models
  • MLGQ Series Rice Huller
    MLGQ series rice huller is a newly developed product because of integrating advanced worldwide husking technology with local condition. It is mainly used for hulling paddy and separating rice husks
  • ZK Series CCD Rice Sorting Machine
    ZK series CCD rice sorting machine adopts the most advanced CCD sensor technology and high speed micro spraying value to achieve the different qualified rice grains sorting process.
  • SM Series Emery Roller Rice Milling Machine
    SM series emery roller rice milling machine is used for whitening brown rice, it can also polish white rice by changing the milling emery roller into the polishing roller.
  • TQSX Series Paddy Destoner
    TQSX series paddy destoner is advanced equipment for separating stones and heavy impurities from paddy, wheat, soybean, corn, rapeseed and sesame in grain and feed processing industry
  • TQSF Series Gravity Destoner
    TQSF series gravity destoner is designed on the basis of original gravity destoner for removing small stones and other impurities. It has high efficiency in separating the heavy impurities
  • TQLZ Series Vibration Cleaner
    TQLZ series vibration cleaner can grade the materials according to the materials granularity, which is widely applicable to clean up materials in grain processing plant, rice mill, flour mill, oils &
  • TQLM Series Rotary Paddy Cleaner
    TQLM series rotary paddy cleaner is suitable for cleaning and classifying the grain. Though equipping with different sieve hole specification which depends on circumstances of different material
  • CSQZ Series Combined Cleaner
    CSQZ Series combined cleaner consists of two procedures, cleaning and de-stoning. It is the ideal equipment for removing big or small impurities and stones from raw grain, rice, wheat, corn, soybean,