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Hello and welcome to Team SFI!

I'm Gopakumar Rajan from India. I'm a net-entrepreneur, blogger, mentor and author of many informative articles. I'm a Team Leader in SFI, world's number one affiliate marketing group! We create opportunities for millions of people from around the globe and help them make a second income!

If you are a newbie or one that failed in making money online, I'm here to help you. I'm not a so called 'GURU' but, I've many years of experience in online marketing. I can help anybody make a residual or supplementary income from day one and without investing a lot of your hard earned money. 

All my programs are tested and tried by me. So there's no pitfalls. You can be sure of that. I can't offer you million$$$$$..... but I can help you earn a nice pay check every month, if you follow exactly what I'm saying in my website:

Even, I can create a profit pulling website with lifelong hosting, free of charge if you provide a domain name or buy one for your website. I'm giving you five proven business opportunities to get start- some are free to join and some need an investment of a few Dollars. But do not worry, if you are not in a position to invest now. Just join the free programs. Please follow the instruction given by me in my first email.

Thanks for visiting my Biz Center and reading this life changing paragraphs. If you like to receive my free news letters, please do not forget to subscribe it when you visiting our teams website: 

Together we can grow!

Aim High! Dream Big!

Gopakumar Rajan

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hi thanks for being my friend here. also for teaching me some things that i don not know..
 - santoshlovie May 19th, 2016

Rajan is very professional,honest and trustful and also believe in helping others and I am very glad to have him as a friend.
 - skaruna928 March 9th, 2016

I'm recommending Gopakumar Rajan to those who are looking for a great team leader and business to join, Gopakumar Rajan is very experienced in working his online business. Join his SFI team today Wishing you continued success Gopakumar Rajan! Victoria Banks
 - veeb February 7th, 2016

As the role of team leader "Gopakumar Rajan " shared great method for making money from home please join to his network and share all things about this Thanks to Gopakumar Rajan shared it on apsense
 - hopsense January 11th, 2016

Hello! Thank you for being my contact here. I wanted to thank you for your recent sharing your knowledge with us.
 - smark7 November 27th, 2015


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