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Since 1999 PERUherbals provides the best sort of medicinal herbs and nutritional products.

Herbs that may be used as a natural treatment for : Diabetes, menopause, Libido and erectile problems, hypertension, arthritis, kidney stones, Prostate HBP.problems

We also have a unique and powerful Super Foods like the amazing Maca, Quinua, Quiwicha, cereals with a high content of nutritional phytochemicals. we also added to our stock the unique Black Maca two times more powerful than any other kind of maca root. in addition Red Maca.

Anti-aging natural products base on fruits as Camu Camu ( a none acid Super Vitamin C). Purple a Superb Anti-aging rich in Polyphenols. We also have on stock
the incredible Inka Peanut that contains Omega 3- 6- 9.

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URL:http://www.peruherbals.com title:Top ten Best Peruvian Medicinal herbs Description : Peru have a large heritage cultural heritage that include herbal remedies and treatments