Jun 6 2010 20:51
   SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS and Home entrepreneurs that are seeing today's economy for what it is, should seek to join together and pool resources together for income-producing opportunities.Since the Banks are not able to avail us necessary funding to do adequate Business; many of us may get the brilliant idea of turning to one another.  Or at least forming a Network like this one where we can meet and offer business promissory notes and Deeds of Trust to Real Estate as equity for capital.__________________________________________________________________                                                       ___________________________________________________________________Join Nathan Services LLc in this network; for the purpose of forming a coalition of Small Business Owners who need operating capital and income from capital they already possess.We are forming an interest bearing escrow account that has the specific purpose of closing on Real Estate located in Austin Texas.  These are Commercial properties of divers kind.                                          Nathan Services Inc ADLANDPRO__________________________________________________________________                                        __________________________________________________________________                                            40Billion Nathan Services Inc                                           Contact NathanNathan Services LLC807 Brazos St. Ste 315Austin, Texas  78701   USAem: skype:   512-588-5697 

May 3 2010 18:06
OK ...I admit this will take at least an hour  of your precious time so be prepared to do a little work signing up.  You will get plenty of merchandise to sell even from name brands and you put the links on your blogs and newsletters or in your own online store.You will have to register in order that the links are recorded to you as the reseller.______________________________________________________________________APSENSE ONLINE STORE                        LIST ONLINE STORE IN YELLOW PAGESCLOAK YOUR URLS                                   GET TRAFFIC TO YOUR STORECREATE ONLINE STORE                           GET HITS TO ONLINE STORE HERE____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________GET LISTS OF ONLINE STORE CUSTOMERS                                                  SUBMIT ONLINE STORE LINK TO SEARCH ENGINES HERE

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Nathan Services LLC
Austin, United States
A risk taker who is willing to take ideas outside the box and invest and expand on those unnoticed opportunities. View Profile


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By Joining Nathan Services Inc Network investors are offered opportunities to Buy Trust Deeds secured by Real Estate and Promissory Notes that offer better than CD interest rates. To join just click join on Nathan Services Inc page and create your own profile.

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