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What is a group buyers club? Of the successful examples that exist, the one that is most well-known bears Sam Walton's first name. Yes, that Sam Walton, the man who founded Wal-Mart in Bentonville, Arkansas, USA.

Our group buyers club, known as The DHS Club, began with the idea that
 if enough of us were to band together in an organization that we grew 
on the internet, we could create a way to get the attention of merchandisers 
around the world who would give us group buying discounts based on the
 number of members we have, enough to reward our members in a unique way.
 The rest has become an extraordinary success story that continues to grow
 into a bright future for our members around the world in so many ways.
 It will continue to grow on into the future for generations to come.
 It is designed to do just that. The opportunity that comes with that is
the substance of our business.
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The DHS Club has now been in business for 11 years. 
You can learn about this excellent company here.

Our Products???Almost Everything.?????
Our Market???The World.
We have a business plan that works!

Our business plan has two valuable aspects, and each fills a need:
  1. It benefits consumers everywhere.
  2. It holds the world's greatest opportunity for people
    who want to start their own home based business
  3. inexpensively.

The DHS Club has created the largest 
online shopping mall in the world! 

We give away FREE memberships to the Clubshop Mall! 
We reward everyone who shops online without cost or obligation. 
That is what GROUP BUYING POWER can do. 
DHS Club Associate Members and 
Shoppers get this excellent benefit FREE!

With over 500 brand name stores in Clubshop Mall portals
 created for 25 individual countries (and growing), 
our members around the world are getting rewarded right now 
with cash and merchandise for doing what they
 already do -- shopping online.

Every member who shops at the Clubshop Mall accumulates 
Club Rewards Points 
Club Rewards Points can be redeemed for cash and merchandise.



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I thank Margaritis for his calm approach and thorough research on Internet Promotions
 - ischizas October 5th, 2014

Excellent work,very good effort....WORTH A LOOK!!!!! Keep going MARGARITIS........
 - monsot69 November 20th, 2012

I have known Margaritis for quite some time now. He is an active member in many of the programs that I own and operate. The marketing and advertising he does through my programs is top notch and I would recommend his services.
 - modernadvantage October 30th, 2012

very nice and amazing marketing fellow who is full devoted towards his work and always give his 100% to the project which he has in his hand. He has some extra ordinary skills with lot of experience of physical marketing which make him outstanding among his competitors
 - jas2813 August 21st, 2012

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