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Tagvillage is a vibrant, exciting new community that is growing very fast. People are joining our community by the thousands to help us change the world! We can't wait to welcome you into our fun-loving group.

How do Google and Facebook make money?

The most valuable real estate on earth...
Have you ever thought about how Google and Facebook make so much money? After all, they give their product away for free! It doesn't cost anything to search Google. It doesn't cost anything to use Facebook. Yet, they are two of the most profitable businesses on earth. How is it that everyone uses Google and Facebook for free, but they make so much money? The answer: keywords

Millions of advertisers pay Google and Facebook billions of dollars each year to publish advertisements on their pages. These ads target the keywords on the pages.

What if you could actually own these keywords and share in the profits? What if you could buy and sell valuable keywords for additional profits? Now you can!
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Advertisers target your Tags.

Get your share of the keyword real estate.
Every second, millions of advertisements are displayed on billions of web pages. Every single one of them is targeting the keywords on the pages. Keywords are the theme or topic of the site. They can be single words like 'clothing' and 'shopping' or even phrases such as 'buy used cars' and 'brand new movies'.

At tagvillage, our members (Tag Traders) buy and sell these keywords (Tags) among each other. They earn profits when they sell valuable Tags. They earn commissions when people click on ads that are targeting the Tags they own.

Are you missing out on the keyword trading revolution? Don't be left behind! Get your share of this incredible online real estate today. Get Started Now

Tag Trading Profits and Referral Commissions

Tag Trading is the core of tagvillage.
As you accumulate Tags and earn advertising commissions, your Tags will become valuable. Just like prime real estate, people will pay you a premium for your valuable Tags. Tag Trading is an easy way to earn big profits! Do you know some great search phrases or keywords that advertisers would target? Gather up a great Tag inventory and see how much money you make when you sell them!

In addition, you earn referral commissions every time you refer others to tagvillage. Whether they join as an advertiser, publisher, or Tag Trader, you will earn money from their activities.

Trade Tags for profit. Refer advertisers and earn commission when they place ads in our system. Refer publishers and earn commissions when they publish our ads on their site. Refer Tag Traders and earn commission when they trade Tags. Get Started Now

Tithing Corporation

tagvillage is a unique business.
tagvillage is officially established as the world's very first Tithing Company. It is mandated by our corporate by-laws that we MUST donate 10% of our revenue to charities every single week. Yes you read that correctly. We donate from the very top, our gross sales, not from our bottom-line profits. It is our mission to make the greatest impact possible on wonderful charities and other humanitarian causes. Imagine if Google and Facebook gave 10% of every dollar they received to charities each week!

Simply by being an active part of the village, you will help amazing charities and humanitarian causes. Together we can generate billions of dollars in advertising revenue and give it to incredible Causes to change the world! Get Started Now

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