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About our Business

    2GetSales is a membership that brings you in as a full partner. You can add your products to our shopping carts, create your own sales pages (and even Mini Sites) and allow all of our members to promote YOUR products to their lists!

    You can include your own subscription forms on your pages, and even control your own registrants.

    All we ask is that you allow our other members to collect the same 50% commissions that you will from them and their products.

    There are plenty of memberships out there that either require you to purchase monthly access, or at least purchase a product before you will be granted access to their system. At 2GetSales, we GIVE you access because we also provide you with products and additional memberships that you can promote and receive 50% of each sale (including our monthly memberships!).

    You have probably heard that JV's (Joint Ventures) can bring you more traffic and create more sales that probably any other method. That is why we have decided to open our membership up for $0.00 cash outlay.

    We are currently in Pre-Launch, which means we do not have all the products or pages uploaded yet, and we do NOT promote anything that we personally have not tried or continue to use. Granted, there are plenty of re-branded and modified 'Source Code' packages out there, and we even include some of them in our product line (After we have had our programmers clean them up and test them first!).

    Our membership is managed by John Delavera's Fantasos (JV Manager 2) script so you know we are running the best software in the industry for membership management.

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Mark Hultgren is very knowledgeable in all things Internet Marketing, Blogging, and techie things. He has been a awesome mentor and friend. I highly recommend him.
 - kathyclark December 16th, 2014

Great to be here with you Mark and thanks for the introduction your business. The sight not only has highly recommended services, but a blog with some highly informative blog posts. You might consider also adding some of those to your article posts here. Thanks, I highly recommend Mark and his service to our fellow Apsense members. When I get my act together, I will check and see what you can do for some of my marketing. Take care
 - drdony August 2nd, 2012

I am happy to recommend Mark first as a friend and a colleague! He is very persistent and professional in all his business endeavors!
 - bobdproperties July 24th, 2012

Mark is a long time member here at APSense and as CEO at 2GSM LLC, a service oriented online business that is dedicated to making customers lives simpler through automation, he re-introduced me to blogging and sparked an interest in learning more about WordPress and content production. He is a stayer, whose services continue to grow, providing customers and clients with quality products.
 - nevdin July 24th, 2012

Mark is a highly skilled developer who cares first about the quality of his work. He's very professional and great person as well.
 - emarketing July 24th, 2012


Mark Hultgren
North Carolina Mountains, United States
Someone who has made achievements with something to offer whether they are new ideas, experiences, products or services. View Profile

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