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Background: Javalution Coffee Company was founded in 2003 when 2 friends were seeking a way to stay fit, have more energy and have a simple way to achieve their fitness goals, all without undergoing major lifestyle changes. It was at that point that they had a ?Javalution? and determined that there wasn?t a better product to do that with than something that many adults enjoy every day and can?t get enough of - coffee. The JavaFit product is the brainchild of Scott Pumper, who currently serves as the company?s President. Scott was intrigued by the explosive growth of companies like SOBE and the emergence of Vitamin Water in the fortified food category, and questioned why no one was doing this with coffee as a delivery system. This led to his collaboration with Jose Antonio, who as a Sports Nutrition Scientist developed the formula for perfectly blended gourmet coffee with scientifically proven fortified nutrients. This collaboration resulted in the creation of JavaFit! In January 2007 Dave Briskie, a JavaFit investor, became the Company's CEO. Mr. Briskie had concluded an 18 year career which was highlighted by the merger of three different companies (Two of which he was involved with since the start up phase) that ultimately became public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. With an eye toward strategic acquisitions and merger opportunities Javalution Coffee Company, under Briskie?s leadership, concluded its first major strategic investment by acquiring a 50% stake in its coffee roaster in November of 2007. Now, as of June 2009, Javalution Coffee Company has increased it?s stake in CLR Roasters to 85% and has now become a wholly owned subsidiary of Javalution Coffee Company. At the conclusion of the acquisition Dave Briskie stated, ?This is just the beginning of our plan of strategic growth through acquisition. Our investment in CLR Roasters provides JavaFit with a number of competitive advantages, and with this solid foundation they chose network marketing as the method to brand JavaFit and deliver multiple products worldwide.

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This paticular Brand of Coffee is responsible for helping my husband lose 70 pounds in less than a year! We got started with Java fit in October of 2009 and my husband started with the weight loss coffee and with in One week he had to tighten his belt, by week 2 he had to do it again, and by Christmas we had to buy new jeans. Since then we have needed to buy new jeans 2 times more....lol The only thing he did was change the coffee he drinks Thats IT!