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HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 32 GB 9.7-Inch Tablet Computer
Jan 10 2012 00:09

The new HP TouchPad is designed to work like you. Letting you connect, play, surf, and share more easily. No barriers. No complications. Just a seamless flow from one thing to the next. TouchPad. There's nothing like it.

Store more files on the go and get more done with the HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 32GB, a tablet designed to work like you do. Connect, play, surf and share more easily. Organize your related activities into card stacks on the brilliant 9.7-inch diagonal LED backlit multitouch display. Enjoy websites with Adobe Flash content and hear music the way the artists intended it to be heard with Beats Audio.

You can also use the front-facing camera and microphone for live video calling. HP webOS helps you multitask seamlessly. Sign in to your online accounts and this HP tablet pulls information together automatically. See your Face book friends birthdays in your contacts, compare work and personal calendars side by side, and view your work and personal e-mails together or separately. Just Type lets you create messages, search the web and more without launching an app first. Receive notifications of new messages, e-mails and events without interrupting what's on your screen.

Plus, charge this HP tablet wirelessly using the optional HP Touchstone Charging Dock. The HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 32GB also works better together with other HP webOS devices: Touch to share websites with your HP Pre3 or Veer Smartphone.

Next-level Multitasking
Get a simple, natural way to move from one thing to the next. Have related activities automatically grouped together.
HP Synergy
Get contacts, calendars, messages, photos, and email automatically synced from sources like Facebook,® Google,™ and Microsoft® Exchange.
  •     Keep multiple email accounts open at once
  •     View work and personal messages together or separately
Just Type
Simply start typing to search the web, update your status, or begin just about anything.2 Think about what you want to do, not how you have to do it.

Entertainment Everywhere
Download movies and TV shows, play games, listen to music, read books and magazines, and view photos.
  • Browse the full web with blazing speed, as well as support for the latest web technologies, including Adobe Flash2,
  • Hear music the way the artist intended with Beats Audio™—only from HP
Video Calling
Have a face-to-face conversation on a large, vibrant screen.

Productivity Powerhouse
Receive a snapshot of new messages, email, and events without being totally disrupted.  Act on what’s important—ignore what’s not.
  •     Work with Microsoft Office files and collaborate with colleagues using Google Docs or
  •     Print wirelessly to compatible networked HP printers

HP Touchstone
Place HP TouchPad on the dock and it charges automatically, while also launching your Facebook photos, today’s agenda, or other content you choose.7,8

HP Case
Lightweight case doubles as a stand.

HP Wireless Keyboard
Ultraslim, ultracompact wireless keyboard.

HP North America Power Charger
Stay charged at home or on the go with power adapters.

HP Mini Sleeve
Carry your HP TouchPad safely using this sleeve accented with the HP Imprint finish with the crystal design. You can also store your power adapter and other small accessories easily using the slide-in pockets on the front.

HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 32 GB 9.7-Inch Tablet Computer
by HP

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Customer Reviews
MY VIDEO ATTACHED. (Overclocked at 1.5Ghz)
First of all, whether you are a geek or not,the Touchpad along with the webOS Homebrew community touts big advantages over it's competitors and this has been often overlooked by reviewers. I've attached my video that shows the performance of an enhanced Touchpad running at 1.5Ghz. However don't be mistaken, the HP Touchpad still performs fast with the original speed of 1.2Ghz. I'm just a very busy person and a little obsessed with technology plus I wanted to express what the Touchpad can become (within an hour of your time) if you really wanted to spice things up.

I've had my Touchpad since launch day July 1st and even before the upgrade I have seen significant improvements in my work productivity overall. Previously, I was an iPad2 user and now that I have the Touchpad, I believe there is absolutely NO WAY I would go back to the iPad2. The Touchpad really outshines the iPad2 when you want to be productive. It's more than just a good business asset, I find it really enjoyable for entertainment purposes; great sound, watch movies, 3D gaming and YouTube videos directly from YouTube itself.

After a over a month of vigorously using the device, I feel like I've graduated to "Touchpad Power User." However, I'm still discovering new good things to improve my daily use. One example is to stack 5 applications together and bounce from one another with two button presses. As a personal trainer that is always on the workout floor, this is a handy skill. I often stack the Calendar, Email, Tracking App, Stop watch, and Notepad all together and it gives me the ability to monster-task during a client's session.

1. During set up be patient. The device is always gathering information in the background and you may think that it's completed. You may need to create a webOS account, but it's fairly easy.

2. System Restart: Do it properly by going to Settings/Device Info/Reset Options/Restart Don't just hold the power button.

3. Update! Go to Settings/System Updates. Prompt to reboot.

4. Apps open up faster the second time and third time around, you will see a significant speed improvement. Sometimes blazing fast.

5. Get the case. No more complaining on finger prints.

6. If you still want your Touchpad to perform even faster, consider installing Homebrew applications. This is a strong community. I've attached a video with this review so you can see what an overclocked 1.5GHz Touchpad can do. But with Homebrew and open source there's more you can do than just this upgrade.

I thought I'd miss the rear camera of not having the iPad2 anymore, but after some thought I realized that my cell phone camera takes better pictures and video anyway! Apps? I currently have 33 apps installed on my Touchpad and excited with the catalog growth so far. Thickness? With the thin Touchpad case there's not much significance compared to an iPad2 installed in a thick case (mine was plastic.) So the iPad2's thin factor is not much of a difference.

Skype and messaging seems to be under polished. Can't figure out if I'm signed in to Skype and my old Pre will not work in SMS. Perhaps later on? ONE MORE THING! The Touchpad is very addictive. You want to do more because you can, but you drain the battery as well!


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